Tom Dwan suffers worst single session loss ever

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When poker professionals play at nosebleed stakes, it is only fair to assume that someone will end on the wrong side of profit and suffer significant losses. Tom Dwan, who is widely regarded as one of the most aggressive players in the world, is even more likely to go through major upswings and suffer significant losses in a single session. The fact that one month ago he posted a comment on Twitter, claiming that he just suffered his biggest loss ever, sparked interest and some details have finally transpired in the media.


A source told CardPlayer Magazine that Tom lost an amount exceeding $4 million and that the poker session took place in Macau, spanning over 24 hours. Those who are familiar with the inherent challenges of attending the main events of major tournaments or competing at cash games for many hours in a row, know exactly how exhausting such a long session can be.

For the time being, information is scarce and it is anyone’s guess whether Tom Dwan‘s loss was the result of fatigue, bad luck or if he simply got outplayed. The stakes were obviously high but a specific amount was not revealed yet, with the only certainty being the fact that for three hours in a row the average pot exceeded $40,000. The source who declined to reveal his identity only told the media that “durrrr” lost the vast majority of them and this pretty much explains how he lost $4 million in one day.

Tom Dwan has been around for quite a while and finds high-stakes poker games to be well within his comfort zone, but he suffered significant losses in the past. Somehow, he found the resources to rebound every single time and overall he is one of the most successful poker professionals. Speaking of which,  Swedish sensation Viktor Blom is also regarded as one hyper aggressive poker player that plays at nosebleed limits over the Internet.

Following his major downswing in August and September, he appears to be back on track with significant profits posted throughout October. He is extremely active on Full Tilt Poker, with thousands of hands played every day against some of the best poker players in the world.