Tony G sets ambitious goal for 2014

European commission in Brussels

As professional poker players go, Antanas Guogo also known as Tony G is not only one of the best but also one of the most vocal at poker tables. He doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind and frequently argued with poker players, dealers and bystanders alike. At a first glance he doesn’t look like the ideal choice for the European Parliament, but then again Lithuanians might give him credit and send him to the most respected legislative forums in Europe.

A total of 766 members make the most important decisions for the present and future of the European Union in Brussels and if Lithuanians vote for him in May, Tony G could soon join them. He is the latest candidate for the Liberal Party who backs up its claims of trying to promote new and young figures who can bring something new in politics. For now everything is peachy for Tony as his party is 100% behind him and his recent victory over Petras Austrevicius should give him confidence ahead of the elections.

Lithuanians will have to make an important decision in a couple of months and the poker professional still has a long way to go to secure his seat. Nevertheless, no other player has come as close as he did to joining a legislative forum and his example will be followed by others if he proves to be successful. Meanwhile, his poker career will come second and Guoga told the media that he intends to focus almost exclusively on the upcoming elections.

He did a brilliant job in combining his favourite game and politics, and among his most notable achievements was the bestowing of the Lithuanian Business Lighthouse award one year ago. He was regarded as the one who made the biggest contribution at promoting Lithuania worldwide and was commended for aiding in the creation of new jobs. Apparently, there is more than meets the eye about the poker player and he has a good chance of making a successful run in 2014.

Among the few poker tournament that he plans on attending in 2013 is the Premier League VII scheduled for November, which will take place in Montréal. Those who were wondering whether they will get the chance of catching Guoga red-handed playing poker in the European Parliament, shouldn’t set their hopes too high. The reason has nothing to do with his chances of being elected, but mostly with his pledge that he won’t play poker during debates.