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Top 5 Amazing/Embarrassing Televised Poker Hands (vids)

Top 5 Amazing/Embarrassing Televised Poker Hands (vids)

Over the years of professional poker there have of course been some truly amazing yet also truly embarrassing poker hands, yet not all of them have been caught on camera like the ones in the selection below.

Some of the ones that have been caught on camera will have the players wishing that they weren’t. This is just a little bit of fun in our weekly “top five” feature.


Jennifer Tilly’s “Not” So Well Played Full House!

Ok so this hand certainly does not qualify as an amazing hand, but it certainly is embarrassing to the point that it makes you cringe. The real gem of the video certainly has to be the facial expressions of a certain Phil Ivey who simply cannot believe what he has just seen.

Slow Rolling On Another Level!

If there is one thing that gets players backs up, it is slow rolling. Opponents taking their time over a decision that is straightforward, is notoriously done when the television cameras are recording the action, however in this game it seems there was a lot more to it than just for the purpose of gaining “Hollywood” time.

Hellmuth Loses Amazing Hand Against Non-Professional Loose Cannon!

It wouldn’t be a top five list without Phil Hellmuth involved somewhere in the mix, with this hand defying the odds to put him on the losing end of a hand three times although he had the best hand. Hellmuth himself is accused of slow rolling in this hand like we spoke about above, yet on this occasion it certainly came back to bite him.

Roble – Unbelievable Luck Four Times!

Sometimes in poker we get to witness things that just seem impossible, however we quickly learn that nothing is impossible when it comes to the game that we love. Roble had only 4-1 odds at winning the hand once, yet he run it when run four times on each occasion to leave Patrick Antoniou spellbound.

Bluff And Re-Bluff In An Amazing Hand!

Bluffing is a major part of a poker game, yet when both players bluff it can start to get very interesting indeed. In this hand both players have nothing, yet seem determined to bluff the other off the hand for a massive amount of chips.

There we have it, another week’s “Top Five” of poker. Entertaining viewing I am sure you will agree, apart from some of the players themselves of course!





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