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Top-5 Best Performances At WSOP 2012 By UK Players

Top-5 Best Performances At WSOP 2012 By UK Players

The 2012 World Series of Poker was not the best in terms of British performances by any means, yet there were still some standout performers who can be more than proud of themselves. When it came to the final table of the Main Event played out last week, we had UK players to cheer on, unlike the previous year we at least had Eoghan O’Dea.

However, despite there not being much to cheer for us Brits, let’s still have a look at the top five British performances at the WSOP.

1. Craig McCorkell

McCorkell hails from London and is a professional poker player who has been on the local circuit scene for a good few years now.

He was the only British player to have won a bracelet at the WSOP this year, with it being in the 36th Event. The $3,000 NLHE event paid him out $368,593 for his efforts, whilst he also managed to cash in another 4 events for a total of $60k.

He is certainly one for us to watch out for in future.



2. Neil Channing

Channing has been a professional poker player for many years now and has been making the trip over to Las Vegas on a yearly basis since 2001. He has taken home more than a $1 million from his ventures in that time but is still yet to win a bracelet.

He made a few cashes again this year but nothing to set the world alight, however fans of Channing feel that it is just a matter of time before that elusive bracelet is his.



3. Sam Trickett

Trickett will certainly not forget 2012, though it didn’t really start as he would have hoped, it ended in almost perfect fashion. During the first half of the WSOP he hadn’t even managed to get to Day 2 in a single event, so of course that meant he hadn’t made a single cash.

Then the 30th Of June came along and he decided to take part in the $1 Million Buy –in event the “Big One For One Drop”. He ended up coming second for a massive payout of $10 million.



4. Luke Schwartz

Schwartz had never made a single cash at the WSOP prior to 2012 and it was looking like that may be the case again. However he managed to finish fourth in the $50k Poker Players Championship and bank $406,736.




5. Stephen Chidwick

Chidwick has had some good experiences at the WSOP over the past few years having cashed four times in both the previous series. His biggest score prior to this year was the $198,927 he won in the $10k PLO last year.

However this year he went one better and cashed in five events to the tune of around $400k. His biggest payout being in the $50k Poker Players Championship where he took home $253,497 for his 6th place.





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