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Top-5 Bust-Ups In Poker! (vids)

hellmuth gesturingThough there are unwritten rules of etiquette in poker, sometimes these rules are not played to which have resulted in some extremely tense confrontations over the years. We have decided to put together what we think are the top five of all time, with the biggest surprise being that Phil Hellmuth is not involved in all of them.


Matusow And Sheikham Lock Horns!

Mike “The Mouth” Matusow doesn’t have that nickname for no reason, though on this occasion the current NBC Heads Up champion ran in to somebody who is as equally known for his loudmouth personality.

Shahram Sheikhan is feeling the pressure of being the short stack and gets irate when a raise by Matusow forces him to fold his hand. When the flop comes down he notices that he would have made a big hand and loses it before openly telling everyone what he had, to the annoyance of Matusow.



A Few Too Many For Scotty Nguyen!

Nobody can argue that Scotty Nguyen is a very talented poker player, it is just that sometimes his table antics can fall a little below the belt. On this occasion he has drunk far too much yet still manages to get under the skin of his opponents on the way to a WSOP bracelet.



Friedman Accuses Lisandro!

In this clip we see Prahlad Friedman openly accusing Lisandro of stealing another players ante, to the disgust of his opponent before going on to claim he doesn’t trust him one little bit.



He Called A Raise With A Queen – Ten Honey!

Any kind of poker bust up list would not be complete with at least one clip from the hundreds of Phil Hellmuth dealing with losing extremely badly. Whilst it is quite humorous for us at home to watch, it is also quite obvious why he got the nickname “The Poker Brat”.



Tony G Bullies A Final Table!

Tony G is more famous for his trash talk at a table than he is for his own poker ability, yet you cannot but feel sorry for some of the players that have to try and hold their tempers whilst Tony G is berating them.

This clip shows him declaring his greatness to anyone that cares to listen, with hardly anyone on the final table getting away scot free. He did eventually lose the tournament and finished as runner up to Surinder Sunar.




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