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Top 5 Money Winners In Poker Tournaments Of All Time!

Top 5 Money Winners In Poker Tournaments Of All Time!

We are back to one of our weekly top fives, with us this week deciding to take a look at who the biggest earners in poker tournament history are. The good news is that each of them is still alive meaning this race can go on for a good few years yet.

Antonio Esfandiari – $22,928,145

Though there are not many that would claim Esfandiari is the best poker player on the planet, he should still be classed up there in an elite group. He may only be at the top due to the historic win in the “Big One For One Drop” event at this year’s World Series Of Poker and the $18.3 million he won. However, he still had to win it against the best players around, the Hellmuth’s, the Ivey’s and the Dwan’s.

Erik Seidel – $17,285,021

Erik Seidel in many people’s eyes should be at the top of this list, due to him doing it the hard way and not relying on one majestic victory. However, he sits in second place having won 7 WSOP bracelets ever since he first burst on to the scene in 1988 when he finished runner up to Johnny Chan at the WSOP.

Sam Trickett – $16,613,853

The British poker professional is another player who finds himself so high on the ranking because of the WSOP Big One For One Drop held earlier this year. He finished as runner up and bagged $10 million for his troubles. Despite that fact, he has also achieved a more than average return of $6 million from other events. He has won a selection of events over the years and is also known for his consistency at always making cashes.

Daniel Negreanu – $16,532,751

Negreanu is one of the old school, he has seen it and done it all in the world of poker, except for a WSOP Main Event bracelet of course like many players who have earned less than him have done. He has won three bracelets, won more than thirty events and has been a regular high stakes cash player for many years.

Phil Hellmuth – $15,409,230

It just goes to show that being the most decorated player in poker history does not put you at the top of the money earning rankings these days. Even if the Bog One For One Drop didn’t happen, he would still find himself in third behind players that have achieved less than he has. 13 World Series bracelets and the only man to have won the WSOP Main Event and the WSOPE Main Event, has not brought the rewards that it perhaps should have.


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