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Top Pros With No WSOP Bracelet

shutterstock_130144634There are a few players out there still yet to have won a WSOP bracelet despite their profitable poker careers:

Tom Dwan – Tournament Career Earnings: $2,213,937

Probably one of the biggest stars on the poker circuit without a WSOP bracelet. Dwan is in fact well known for his cash play and has already made over $1 million playing cash games online at Full Tilt in 2013, but he is still yet to earn a gold bracelet despite quite a successful WSOP run so far. He has a habit of making it to the final table in nearly every WSOP tournament he has entered, but he has never made it past second place to pull down that elusive bracelet title win. He’s managed to cash in 10 WSOP tournaments and get to the final table in 6 of those. Dwan’s best final table appearance saw him come runner up in 2012 when he was on the $1,500 NLH tables in the 41st WSOP.

• Patrik Antonius – Tournament Career Earnings: $5,962,130

Antonius has entered 13 WSOP tournaments, 1 of those in London and 1 in Europe with the remaining 11 in Last Vegas’s WSOP Championship events. He has in fact cashed in all of them, but is yet another top player not have won a WSOP gold bracelet. He has made 2 final tables, and he came closest to a gold bracelet in the 38th WSOP World Championship event playing in the $10,000 World Championship PLO tournament. Antonius played some astounding poker with some incredible folds, but it still wasn’t enough and he crashed out in third with $311,394 to add to his career total.

• Liv Boeree – Tournament Career Earnings: $2,254,546

Liv Boree is one of the top female pro players out there with an EPT win under her belt already, but we have never seen a female WSOP World Championship winner out there ever! Liv has tried her hand at a few WSOP World Championship events in search of a gold bracelet, and if there is a female player out there that can do it, Liv Boree is the one. She has made 13 attempts, twice in Europe and once in London with 10 shots at a Gold Bracelet in the Las Vegas WSOP World Championship event. She has run deep and cashed in all her WSOP buy-in attempts with her best run being an eighteen place finish in last year’s main event – very close indeed!

• Sam Trickett – Tournament Career Earnings: $19,781,679

Sam Trickett is the most successful British player out there playing cash and tournaments, but he joins the other four big names above still in search of a WSOP win. Trickett has entered 10 WSOP World Championship events in Las Vegas in which he has cashed in all. He has made 3 final tables and in 2 of those he came very close after taking down second place, which the Big One for One Drop is one of the most notable.

The WSOP is a challenge for many of the big poker players and when you look at the likes of Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan with 10 gold bracelets and Phil Hellmuth with 12 WSOP World Championship Gold bracelets plus 1 WSOPE bracelet, you have to take your hat off to what are an amazing set of tournament wins by these players, considering there are other top players out there who still haven’t managed to etch their names on just one.


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