Tripp Kirk “sleeps” in swimming pool

sitting underwater in a swimming pool

The summer time and specifically the World Series of Poker always brings us a plethora of prop bets and we are here to bring you news of another. Whilst this one again involves water, luckily for Tripp Kirk it does not require swimming through the ocean to another island.

Kirk was offered 6-1 on his outlay of $1k that he could not stay in a swimming pool for 12 hours straight overnight in Las Vegas. Whilst it may seem that the $6k would be easy money, it appears that it was not quite as straightforward and as simple as first thought.
The best things about prop bets these days? The fact that they can be shared real time via social media. We were kept fully up to date by Kirk through the use of his tweets as you can see below.

And he was off, or in, or on his way!

So he made it, though slightly pruned. Now he has to try and get some shuteye before taking on his next challenge, though the only water related thing he is after would be fish.