Twitter Storm Over Mike Matusow Ruling

Scale and gavel

One of the reasons that poker is so popular is because the wide variety of personalities and stories that are on offer for fans of the game to connect with. Mike “The Mouth” Matusow has certainly been one of the most expressive of them over the years but on this occasion it would seem that his reputation for being a little vocal at times has brought him what has been labeled as “an extremely harsh decision” going against him.

Just last night in Event #25 at the WSOP, which was the $2.5k Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo he was given a one round penalty for “excessively celebrating” after winning a hand during the bubble period of the event.

He was given a one round penalty for the incident and soon afterwards busted out of the event in 19th place.

According to the live reporting provided by Pokernews Matusow was getting increasingly excited in the hand and said If I win this pot, everybody will be playing for second.”.

His excitement only grew further near the end of the hand.

Come on, I deserve this,” yelled Matusow, almost losing his voice. The dealer delivered seventh and Matusow started cheering loudly, running away from the tournament area and everybody in the rather silent Amazon room could hear him. Matusow pounded the table in celebration as he continued to laud the hand. He raked in the massive pot with the straight and low and was then given a one round penalty for his “outrageous behavior.”

His excitement quickly turned to shock however as once he had finished tidying up his now enlarged chip stack he was given the one round penalty by TD Dave Lamb. After seeing out the penalty he returned only to eventually be eliminated five players later.
He quickly turned to Twitter to air his disbelief at the ruling.

Whilst many rulings in the past have split opinions, this one seems to have the voice of many poker professionals with the opinion that this was not a good ruling against Matusow. Many of the game’s poker pros chimed in with their thoughts on why this is not only a bad call but a bad look for poker in general if players are not allowed to celebrate.

Eventually WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart joined the discussion and although he did not see the incident himself he seemed to be on the side of Matusow with this ruling.