Two Days Left For TwitterWCOOP Promotion

Online poker winnings

It is amazing just how many top professional poker players use Twitter to either provide commentary on a tournament they are playing, gloat over a big score or describe the biggest and baddest beats that they have ever experienced, yet in reality we bet the rest of you do exactly the same thing too.

Additionally, whenever the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker comes around, the poker/twitter activity seems to increase ten-fold.

To recognise and celebrate the connection that players have between poker and Twitter, PokerStars has recently been running a promotion where players that deposit at least $10 into their accounts with the code TwitterWCOOP, will win a seat into a $5k guaranteed prize pool freeroll that will take place on the 27th of September

There is More Though!

Since the 10th of September and until the 19th in two days time, PokerStars have been running daily challenges via their Twitter account, with winners being awarded with free WCOOP step 2 tickets that are worth $27.

The winners are selected randomly from all participants that answer the challenges correctly whilst the more correct answers they receive each day will mean some additional money going into that $5k guaranteed prize pool at a maximum of $500 per day. This means that the actual prize pool could be increased to a maximum of $10k.

The challenges have so far been as simple as retweeting a “good Luck” tweet from PokerStars to as difficult as churning out some stats on the players. The majority of them however have actually been very fun and entertaining, we have included a selection of those daily challenges below.


So you have just today and tomorrow left to get in on the action and having a chance of winning a nice portion of that free $5-$10k that is going to be up for grabs.