Two More Events Completed At The WCOOP

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The big money is still being made at the PokerStars 2013 World Championship of Online Poker as another two events were completed earlier today and another started, but put on a break until tonight. The event series has proved just as successful as ever and we are now 30 events into the 66 remaining, meaning half way has almost been passed.

Here we have provided a quick review of the events that were completed earlier on.

Event #28 – $320 Mixed Holdem $150,000 Gtd

The first event that was completed today was a mixed holdem format that included No Limit, Pot Limit and Fixed limit variations of the game. There were 644 players that entered the event which generated a prize pool of $193,200, that the top 81 finishers would all be able to share amongst themselves.

The player that came out on top was “Redbaron1308” after he came out of the heads with “YugiohPro” as the victor to claim the best share of the prize pool of $36,321.60.

How It Finished

1st) Redbaron1308 – $36,321.60

2nd) YugiohPro – $26,468.40

3rd) ralfrolf – $19,513.20

4th) flashdisastr – $14,683.20

5th) Emilohlsson- $10,316.88

6th) FU_15 – $8,211.00

7th) mariajamaica – $6,279.00

8th) carryhero – $4,347.00

9th) Zapahzamazki – $2,898.00

10th) ismo<3seppo – $2,221.80


Event #29 – $320 Pot Limit Badugi $50,000 Gtd

Another different variation was used for Event 29 with Badugi being game that the 279 entrants signed up for. This created a prize pool of $83,700 and meant that just the top 40 players would have a piece.

There were some recognisable high stakes players that made the final table in this one including Sebastian “Seb86” Sabic, “BRAZZMONKEY” and “BensBenz” though eventually it was “stevie444” that came out smiling with the win and $16,321.58 sewn up.

How it Finished

1st) stevie444 – $16,321.58

2nd) nilsef – $12,136.50

3rd) BRAZZMONKEY – $9,207.00

4th) atlantic17 – $6,696.00

5th) Seb86 – $4,603.50

6th) ManiacRazor – $3,348.00

7th) Puppen87 – $2,511.00

8th) Mikleler – $2,092.50

9th) The Omaholic – $1,674.00

10th) BensBenz – $1,674.00

If you have not had the time to sit and watch or play as many tournaments as you would like, take a look at Event #23 below.