UK GPI – What The WSOP Did For The Players

London, UK

The many events that take place each year at the World Series of Poker always result in many changes in the Global Poker Index Top 300 tournament player rankings and this year was certainly no different. Just how did these changes affect the many British players that are scattered throughout the rankings?

Well, we have provided the top 20 British players as ranked by the GPI and revealed their current world rankings.

Players from the UK earned a total of $8 million at this year’s World Series of Poker and although John Kabbaj was the only bracelet winner, this has to be seen as nothing more than a success from the players that took part.

Stephen Chidwick did not have a particularly good WSOP but is still the number one ranked British player according to the GPI, currently ranked as the 13th best tournament player in the world. He is followed up by Max Silver who had a couple of deep runs at the WSOP and who now sits in 36th place in the world rankings and is considered the second best tournament player in the UK currently.

As you look further down the rankings you will see many other familiar names too and may note that some notable names are not currently ranked in the GPI Top 300 such as PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody and Matt Frankland.

The Top 20 UK Players In The GPI Top 300

13th) Stephen Chidwick- 3129.88

36th) Max Silver- 2801.14

53rd) Jack Salter- 2649.42

70th) David Vamplew – 2520.63

101st) Simon Deadman  2226.16

111th) Zimnan Ziyard- 2187.60

117th) Toby Lewis – 2163.07

135th) Tamer Kamel – 2092.11

142nd) Tom Hall – 2063.40

157th) Oliver Price – 1996.57

208th) Niall Farrell – 1831.71

214th) Steve Watts – 1825.31

225th) Sam Trickett – 1799.64

231st) Richard Ashby – 1787.70

235th) Tom Midddleton – 1776.43

240th) Liv Boeree – 1764.77

242nd) Roberto Romanello – 1762.52

244th) Tom Alner – 1756.08

247th) Rhys Jones – 1750.59

260th) Chris Moorman – 1714.62