UK Poker Championship Day 4 – Spencer Wins Title

Win in gold letters

The Sky UK Poker Championship being held at the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club in Nottingham saw its final table played out last night. Day 4 started with the final nine players that would be competing for the title and finished with the player that managed to outlast each of them.

Alex Spencer who is from Doncaster and just 20 years old was the player that started the day with the chip lead and he was also the player that finished the event as the winner. He took home £125,000 for his magnificent achievement and also a $15,000 tournament package on top.

The final did not take long to get into full swing with the first elimination of John Haigh coming after just three hands. He was followed out of the door by Allan Graham not so long after and we were already down to just seven players.

The big story of the event so far was Deborah O’Connor who had made it this far after first winning a seat from a £1 satellite, but she was to go home next for a payout of £16,000 which is of course a very good return.

Charles Chattha was then sent home in 6th after his Ax-5x could not outdraw the pocket sevens of James Rimmer. Two more pocket pairs followed with Steve Sargent pushing all in with the pocket fives only to be called by the pocket jacks of Paul Delaney with the latter coming out on top.

We then had to wait almost three hours for another elimination and when it came it was James Rimmer who fell in 4th place. With just three now remaining we needed one more elimination before the event will go into heads up mode.

Paul Delaney would be the player to make way after coming out second best when his Ax-8x was cracked by the Kx-Qx of Spencer when a queen hit the flop.

Heads up was stacked well in the favour of Spencer as he had 13.8 million chips compared to the 4.8 million of Danny Blair but if he thought he as going to have it easy he should have thought again. In fact Blair fought his way right back into the game and actually passed Spencer in chips before a massive flip turned the advantage back to his opponent. Blair held the pocket tens whilst Spencer the Ax-Kx and all of the chips found their way into the middle but an ace on the board gave the pot to Spencer.

Spencer was now back in control and this time he did not let it slip after calling the all-in of Blair who had found pocket queens. Spencer had the Kd-3h and made a brave call that was rewarded when the board fell as the 10s-Kc-6c-9h-6d to leave him as the champion of this event.

How It Finished

1st) Alexander Spencer – £125,000

2nd) Danny Blair – £75,000

3rd) Paul Delaney – £50,000

4th) James Rimmer – £37,500

5th) Steven Sargent – £28,000

6th) Charles Chattha – £21,000

7th) Deborah O’Connell – £16,000

8th) Allan Graham – £12,500

9th) John Haigh – £10,000