UK Provides Huge Poker Action In October

UK Online

If you are a professional or recreational poker player, there has been no other place to be than the United Kingdom throughout the last few weeks. We already know about London hosting the UK & Ireland Poker Tour, World Poker Tour and the European Poker Tour just recently but even if your bankroll does not permit those sorts of buy-ins, there has been plenty of action throughout the UK that probably would have.

The bigger tours might be finished now with the big names scooping some mega scores but there a couple of events that are still to be completed. Before we share those two events however, first check out another event that finished up recently that did not attract the kind of attention that the major tours did, though for obvious reasons.

Just a few days ago there was the Amateur Poker Association Tour (APAT) that went down in Leeds, with it bringing victory and £2,815 for Carl Norris after he came out on top of an original field of 123 players at the Grosvenor Westgate Casino.

It might be a small payout in terms of what you can net in bigger events but poker is all about moving up the ladder, so a good score here can be a real boost to your bankrolls.

APAT Final Standings

1st) Carl Norris – £2,815

2nd) Rob Swindells – £1,825

3rd) Mark Sharkey – £1,190

4th) Scott Berridge – £810

5th) Dave Battersby – £590

6th) Bill Sheppard – £420

7th) Tom Masterman – £310

8th) Martin Paul – £270

9th) Zac Corsland – £240

Whilst that event is complete, there are two others that are still in the process of being played out. First there is the Luton stop of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) which will see the start of Day 2 today at 1pm. The event brought in 219 players and is currently down to the last 79. There are a number of notables taking part in this event too, with Zimnan Ziyard, Simon Deadman and Karl Mahrenholz being the biggest of them.

Then there is the BoylePoker International Poker Open which is now down to 591 of the original 1,656 players that entered the event. There is a prize pool of €331,200 for that event too, so there are going to be a few players that come home with very nice payouts indeed.

Once both of the above events are completed, we will let you know who came out on top in each of them.

So with these three tour events plus the big three that have seen their events completed, it has meant that the UK has seen six significant poker tournaments in October. If there is anywhere else to be with regards to poker right now, it is certainly the United Kingdom. Unfortunately it is all going to die off soon, thought he smaller local tours will definitely have other stops planned in the near future.