UKIPT Challenge Series 6 Day 2 – Findlay Wins

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The PokerStars UKIPT Challenge Series 6 came to an end last night with the final 105 players being reduced down to just the one player left standing in Paul Findlay. He claimed a payout of £12,396.00 after the final four had a greed to a chop of the prize pool and played out for the remaining £3,500 and the title.

The day had begun with 105 players desperately trying to fit themselves into the top 47 positions thus making the money. Unfortunately 58 of those players would not be able to manage the feat and would have gone home with nothing.

Rob Ayton was the most unfortunate of these as he was the man eliminated on the bubble and just one spot away from making a minimum cash. His elimination was painful for him but a joyous occasion for everybody else still in the tournament as it meant they had made the money and could now concentrate on working their way up the pay ladder.

Eventually, the final table was established and it was Mario Trattou who held the advantage with 2,450,000 chips. That was more than double anyone else and meant that he was easily the favourite for the title at this point.

Final Table Seating and Chip Counts

St 1 – Jen-Yue Chiang – 1,040,000
St 2 – Darren Murphy – 365,000
St 3 – Mario Trattou – 2,450,000
St 4 – Paul Findlay – 520,000
St 5 – Onur Dag – 835,000
St 6 – Steven Lewzey – 240,000
St 7 – Khashayar Zarghampour – 710,000
St 8 – Damasco Garcia – 875,000

Paul Findlay seemed determined to stake a challenge however and was the reason for the first two eliminations on the final table. Once the table got down to just four players, it was then that a deal was arranged.

Once this was done, it did not take long until we were heads up and it was Findlay who this time had the chip advantage over Trattou. He eventually took out his opponent when he slow played pocket aces and managed to get full value.

How It Finished

1st) Paul Findlay – £12,396.00 (d)

2nd) Mario Trattou – £10,874.00 (d)

3rd) Khashayar Zarghampour – £9,688.00 (d)

4th) Garcia Damaso – £9,092.00 (d)

5th) Onur Dag – £5,100.00

6th) Darren Murphy – £3,900.00

7th) Steven Lewzey – £2,850.00

8th) Jen-Yie Chiang – £2,100.00