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UKIPT Edinburgh Day 2 – Derrick Heads Last 49 Players

Day 2 of the UK & Ireland Poker Tour Edinburgh was played out yesterday with the 267 players that began the day still in the event being whittled down to just 49 remaining by the end of it. All those still involved are now in the paying positions, as well as 23 of the players that didn’t quite make Day 3.

The player that sits right at the top of the current leader board is Chris Derrick, as he had a good day at the tables and built up a chip stack of 554k. He stands more than 100k ahead of Mikel Villaescusa who has 431,500 in second place.

He managed this chip count after building it up from just 104k when he started the day, with his biggest pot coming when he eliminated Charalampos Lappas and added 375k to his stack. The chips went into the middle on a flop of 5c-Qd-Jc when he as holding the 8c-9c and his opponent the pocket aces, the 10c fell on the river to give him his flush and the win propelled him to the top of the leader board.

The player who sits in second place also managed to achieve that position by cracking pocket aces with a flush. Mikel Villaescusa held the Ah-Qh this time, whilst his opponent Batey had the pocket rockets.

PokerStars Team Pros!

There were lots of eyes on the latest Team Pro Jake Cody in this event, except he couldn’t do enough to make the money as he himself ran into aces with the Kd-Js and couldn’t crack them. One pro who is still involved is Grzegorz Mikielewicz, who actually started the day with fewer chips than he started the event with.

He managed to claw a lot of them back though and will still be involved on Day as he finished the day with 83,500.

Notables Still Involved!

Among the big names still in the event were players such as David Vamplew, Brett Angell, Robert Boon and early event chip leader Liam Horgan. They will all be hoping to make the final table and claim the first UKIPT title of the year when play resumes a little later today.

The Current Top Ten!

Chris Derrick – 554,500

Mikel Villaescusa – 431,500

Przemyslaw Dajer – 368,000

Nicolau Villa-Lobos – 353,500

James Sykes – 343,500

David Vamplew – 316,000

Brett Angel – 286,500

Andrew Laurie – 260,000

Thomas Ward – 259,500

Liam Horgan – 258,000

Catch us tomorrow as we tell you just which players did manage to make that final table and will be hoping for a major title to be added to their C.V’s.


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