UKIPT Isle Of Man Day 1b – Lane Leads Overall (vids)

Daniel Negreanu

Another dramatic day in the UK & Ireland Poker Tour Isle Of Man Main Event saw 267 players converge onto the felt on Day 1b in order to take home the very first event held on the Isle of Man by UKIPT. This brought a combined total of 381 entries though just 117 survived this day to go into Day 2 with the survivors from Day 1a.

Once the numbers were calculated at the end of the day it was Mark Lane that topped the chip counts with his stack of 165,300. This has him leading the event overall by almost 30k from Simon Fuller in second place.

Day 1b was the day when many PokerStars Team Pros entered the fray, to either the enjoyment or dismay of all of the qualifiers that had made this event. We saw Daniel Negreanu, Liv Boeree, Vanessa Rousso, Jason Mercier, Jake Cody, Dale Philip, Leo Margets and Barry Greenstein all take part throughout the day with mixed results.

Boeree, Margets, Cody, Greenstein and Phillip all did enough to progress into Day 2 and will now hope to make a deep run and a good score in the event.


The rest of them however could not make it through but will have been looking forward to the PokerStars Halloween party which went on into the early hours last night.


Today will see the remaining hungover field reduced even further and will see them all approaching that dreaded bubble period in the event, so catch up with us tomorrow for a full report on the proceedings.

The Top Ten From Day 1b

1st) Mark Lane – 165,300

2nd) Simon Fuller – 127,700

3rd) Sam Grafton – 127,000

4th) Mark Scheinberg – 113,500

5th) Giedrius Grigorius – 109,900

6th) Fabio Esposito – 101,500

7th) Thomas Dunwoodie – 99,300

8th) Duncan McLellan – 98,500

9th) Tomasz Chmiel – 93,500

10th) Radu Zomstean – 90,300

The Prize Pool Information

With the opening day flights now over with, the prize pool information was announced. It was revealed that there would be 55 players paid a minimum of £2,375 and a maximum of £94,090 for the win.

1st) £94,090

2nd) £59,660

3rd) £43,120

4th) £34,870

5th) £27,600

6th) £21,250

7th) £15,810

8th) £11,455

9th) £9,270

10th – 11th) £7,670

12th – 13th) £6,650

14th – 15th) £5,870

16th – 17th) £5,285

18th – 20th) £4,800

21st – 23rd) £4,315

24th – 27th) £3,830

28th – 31st) £3,345

32nd – 39th) £2,860

40th – 55th) £2,375