UKIPT Main Event Day 2: Chris Brammer Chip Leader

Chris Brammer

Another day has ended at the UKIPT Main Event and once again we have a new chip leader, this time one with a considerable lead over the pack. Chris Brammer didn’t hesitate to make difficult calls when needed, while toning down his aggressiveness when the pots were not worthwhile.

Mickey Petersen finished the previous day with a decent stack and managed to increase it even further throughout Day 2. At one point he was flirting with the chip lead, but things took a turn for the worse when he got mixed up with Adam Gotch in a major hand. It all unfolded with blazing speed and both players shoved their stacks in the middle with premium hands. Petersen’s Kings ran into Gotch’s Aces and the board didn’t change anything so Adam doubled up while Mickey was left with 80,000 chips.

Petersen’s luck ran out at the worst possible time, but at least he lived to fight a few more hours, before busting in 36th,

Just 32 players are left in the UKIPT Main Event and these are the 10 players with the best claim at the trophy:

Top-10 Chip Counts:

1) Christopher Brammer – 646,000
2) Tim Hong Wong – 623,000
3) Tony Salmon – 537,000
4) Sergio Aido – 511,000
5) Abhishek Khaitan – 493,000
6) John Eames – 388,000
7) Joe Laming – 383,000
8) Viktor Leonov – 355,000
9) Colin Tang – 327,000
10) Ben Vinson – 317,000

What they will play for

1st £100,000
2nd £60,450
3rd £43,200
4th £34,000
5th £26,750
6th £20,700
7th £15,500
8th £10,700
9th £8,400
10th-11th: £7,150
12th-13th: £6,100
14th-15th: £5,300
16th-17th: £4,700
18th-20th: £4,200
21st-23rd: £3,700
24th-29th: £3,200
30th-32nd: £2.800