UKIPT Marbella Day 3 – Cody Makes Final Table

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Day 3 at the UK & Ireland Poker Tour Marbella was completed not so long ago and it has finally brought us down to our final table of eight. The day began with 71 players and after another long stint at the tables for the players and plenty of eliminations, the final eight have been revealed.

Leading the eight is Katja Svendsen on 3,910,000 who could go on to break two records if one if she were to claim the title. This event is a shared production between the UKIPT and Estrellas Poker Tour and there has never been a woman winner of each of their Main Events. So in essence she could break both ducks in one go.

She still has eight players to get past though and although PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody only has an average stack, he has to among the favourites to do just that. He flew back from the World Series of Poker especially to take part in this event and has shown that he is not in Marbella to just make the numbers up.

Unfortunately for his good friend Sam Grafton, he was the last player to be eliminated on Day 3 but will have to be satisfied with the €10,300 he received for his ninth place finish.

The final days worth of action will start up at 12pm CET and will eventually reveal this year’s winner of the UKIPT Marbella.

Final Table Seating and Chip Counts

St 1) Katja Svendsen – 3,910,000
St 2) Gareth Hamilton – 590,000
St 3) Marcin Barwinski – 1,055,000
St 4) Rodrigo Espinosa – 3,705,000
St 5) Jake Cody – 1,600,000
St 6) Daniel Rodriguez – 720,000
St 7) Christian Bauer – 2,425,000
St 8) Javier Elorza = 880,000

The Remaining Payouts

1st) €136,000

2nd) €82,900

3rd) €58,700

4th) €44,450

5th) €35,150

6th) €26,550

7th) €19,050

8th) €13,030