UKIPT Nottingham – M.E Started, High Roller Over (vids)

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The UK & Ireland Poker Tour Nottingham has been playing out for the last couple of days with the Main Event starting up with its opening day flights and the High Roller revealing its winner after two days at the felt.

Take a look at what has been occurring in the latest UKIPT stop of the season.

UKIPT Nottingham Main Event Day 1a

Day 1a in the UK & Ireland Poker Tour Nottingham Main Event attracted a field of 175 players and finished up with just 42 of them heading into Day 2. Leading the field is Mauricio Baez after his chip count of 184,800 was confirmed as the largest.

There are plenty of notables in this event too with the likes of PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody, Max Silver and Tom Middleton all doing enough to see themselves into Day 2.

The Top Ten From Day 1a

1st) Mauricio Baez – 184,800

2nd) Ben Vinson – 180,100

3rd) Alexander Spencer – 171,900

4th) Vasile Cosmin Stancu – 153,400

5th) Enzo Gomez – 139,700

6th) Stuart Barnett – 136,100

7th) Ben Mayhew – 134,900

8th) Ryan Spittles – 130,300

9th) Anthony Flynn – 130,000

10th) David Barnes 126,600

UKIPT Nottingham Main Event Day 1b

Day 1b of the event was actually played out yesterday and it brought in a huge field, especially compared to the one on Day 1a. In total there were 419 registrations on Day 1b but by the time the day had finished just 113 of them made it through to join the 42 that had progressed from the other opening day flight.

Topping the field on the day was notable British pro Jude Ainsworth with 238,600. He lead a top ten that includes Neil Raine, Matthew Simpson and Patrick Lawless.

The biggest names to both progress and bust on Day 1b were PokerStars Team Pros Christophe de Meulder and Chris Moneymaker respectively. The latter still has another chance on Day 1c though so we can expect another appearance from him.

The Top Ten From Day 1b

1st) Jude Ainsworth – 238,600

2nd) Richard Kellett – 228,700

3rd) Jonas Lauck – 220,500

4th) Andros Spyrou – 211,900

5th) Neil Raine – 180,900

6th) Van Hieu Hoang – 175,400

7th) Dafydd Williams – 168,400

8th) Matthew Simpson – 164,300

9th) Patrick Lawless – 156,700

10th) Ramey Shaio – 154,900

UKIPT Nottingham High Roller Day 2 Shallow Takes Title

The UKIPT Nottingham High Roller was a two day affair and it brought in 101 registrations to deliver a £303,000 prize pool to be shared among the top 13 players. Day 1 brought us to those 13 whilst Day 2 saw that number reduced to just the player that would walk away with the title.

Come the end of a long day that name was finally revealed although it was not done in traditional style. The top two players in Dave Shallow and Richard Killett decided to split the prize pool equally and Shallow took home the title simply because he was holding the slightly larger chip count. They never actually played out for a winner. They both walked away with a payouts of £68,000.

How It Finished

1st) Dave Shallow – £68,000 (d)

2nd) Richard Kellet – £68,000 (d)

3rd) Eleanor Gudger – £36,950

4th) Matthew Davenport – £28,950

5th) David La Ronde – £23,350

6th) Patryk Slusarek – £18,200

7th) Mohammed Istakhar Sadiq – £14,400

8th) Steve Warburton – £11,200

9th) John Haigh – £8,500