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UKIPT Season 3 – Online FT – Barzantny Beats Moorman

UKIPT Season 3 – Online FT – Barzantny Beats Moorman

The first ever UKIPT Online final table was completed yesterday, with the winner shocking the UK’s best online player Chris Moorman heads up to win the title and first place prize of £77,126. In first tournament of its kind in the UK, he first had to win a place at the final table in the online segment of the event.

There were initially 587 players that registered online with a buy-in of £735 last week which created a prize pool of £410,900. That segment of the event then played down to the final table of eight with each of them winning a place at the live final table in Bristol.

Final Table Underway!

Though there was supposed to be eight at the final table there were in fact only seven as the Russian player Sergey Prostakov was not able to make the journey over for the event. He was therefore eliminated in 8th place for a payout of £6,163.50.

Once the final seven were underway it was frantic action from the off as eventual winner Barzantny took out the first of two Brits at the table Ben Jenkins. Jenkins held pocket eights and was up against Barzantny’s As-Qd in a coin flip which he lost when an ace had landed on the river.

At this point Moorman was having a bad day, losing most of his chips in another coinflip when he ran his pocket nines into the Ac-Kc of David Lenz to see a king hit on the turn.

That left him as a shortstack, but it wasn’t for long as he did manage to get lucky when all-in with a weaker hand of Kh-Js against Dan Smyth’s Kc-Qd. The community cards brought him a straight and he was back in the game. Smyth on the other had was completely crippled and was eliminated just a couple of hands later in 6th.

We then lost Joep can den Bijgaart, David Lenz and Rafael Porzecanski in quick succession with the latter having made the journey all the way from Uraguay, it was all worth it with the third place finish and payout of £41,090.00.

This left us heads up between the player who is regarded as the best online player in the UK and the young German Wojtek Barzantny.

The last hand of the night came when Moorman bet out pre-flop to the tune of 160k, which Barzantny re-raised all-in to 1,680,000. Moorman called easily holding the Ac-3h whilst Barzantny showed the Qh-Jd, the board favoured the latter as a Jack on the turn gave him the best hand and the tournament win.

How It Finished:

1.Wojtek Barzantny, Germany, £77,126.03

2. Chris Moorman, United Kingdom, £55,471.50

3. Rafael Porzecanski, Uruguay, £41,090.00

4. David Lenz, Germany, £30,817.50

5. Joep van den Bijgaart, Netherlands, £20,545

6. Dan Smyth, Ireland, £14,381.50

7. Ben Jenkins, United Kingdom, £9,245.25

8. Sregey Sergeevich Prostakov, Russia, £6,163.50



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