UKIPT Series 3 Day 2– Nguyen Claims Title

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As the surviving 137 players from their respective opening day flights converged to the felt for Day 2, they all knew that come the end of the day, there would be a new UK & Ireland Poker Tour Series 3 champion.

This meant that there had to be 136 eliminations with 73 of them being without any money to show for their efforts. The top 63 would be guaranteed a payout, which meant there was certainly going to be some fireworks as players fought it out to ensure that they at least got that minimum payout.

Once the dust had settled and the event was done with, the one player left standing was that of Dinh Tuan Nguyen.  He claimed the coveted title and a payout of £15,348 after the top five players agreed to a chop of the prize pool on the final table.

This chop was down to each of the players being fairly even on chips, so they agreed to chop the prize pool fairly to ensure that each of them had bagged a guaranteed amount. The chop left just £3,265 for the players to play for, which certainly opened the game up a lot more.

To further show the quality of the play in this event, both of the leaders from each of the opening day flights in this event could not continue where they left off and make the final table. They did both make a cash though.

The final hand in this event saw Nguyen face Daniel Bonfield for only the second hand during heads up. He pushed all-in with the 10h-7h and was called by the Ad-8d of his opponent. The flop fell as the 4h-5h-10c giving him top pair and a flush draw, then when the turn fell as the 10d, it was all over and Nguyen had claimed the third instalment of this series.

How It Finished

1st) Dinh Tuan Nguyen – £15,348*

2nd) Daniel Bonfield – £12,055*

3rd) Michail Voulagkas – £8,850*

4th) Jesus Espinosa Fernandez – £14,122*

5th) Frank Bastow – £9,230*

6th) Salman Safdar – £4,805

7th) Lorenzo Biundo – £3,615

8th) Paul Grace – £2,570

9th) Peter Mok – £2,050

10th) Anthony Wright – £1,700

With this event now completed, it leaves us waiting for the UKIPT Main Event which starts on Wednesday and then of course the European poker Tour London which gets underway on Friday. We will be following all of the action from both of those tours, so stick with us to be kept fully up to date with the goings on.