Ultimate Bet Audio Tapes Confirm Cheating At The Site

Scandal meaning

Scandal meaningIt may have been a good half a decade since one the biggest online poker scandals of all time, yet the Ultimate Bet story is still ongoing with new details slowly emerging over time. This has been further proven with some amazing evidence that has come to light, through a recording in which the company’s owner Russ Hamilton has admitted cheating players out of more than $50 million.

The audio tape was released by a former employee of Ultimate Bet Travis Makar and lasts for a good three hours. The tape was said to have been recorded back in 2008 and has clear admissions from Hamilton with regards to cheating on the site and winning money from players unfairly.

What comes across from the video is that it sounds like he was the man that actually recorded it himself, probably in an attempt to ensure that not only he took the blame for the scandal.

“God Mode”

Present during this meeting was Hamilton along with the founder and CEO of the company Greg Pierson and two of the attorneys that represented the site in Daniel Friedborg and Sanford Millar.

They were heard talking about the software known as “God Mode” which allowed users to take advantage of the fact that they could see everybody else’s hole cards on the tables. Hamilton himself was heard admitting that he had used this software to steal as much as $18 million from unsuspecting players.

Big Names Cheated!

Amongst the players that had been cheated out of large amounts of money include professional players Mike Matusow and Prahlad Friedman and even actor and director Ben Affleck. In regards to Matusow, he has claimed that he was once phoned by Hamilton and asked if he would like to play some heads up poker, he agreed and actually lost more than a million.

Other Names Connected!

When Ultimate Bet was at the height of its success it had big names such as Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke as representatives, with the latter being mentioned on the audio tape to have had knowledge that there was a piece of software known as “God Mode”.

Whilst Hellmuth was mentioned on the tape, it was that they wanted to keep Hellmuth fully in the dark about the software and of course the goings on behind the scenes.

Below is a video that brings us all of the main highlights of interest from the audio tape:

Or if you have a spare three hours to listen to the full meeting you can do below: