The ultimate goal of a solid poker player

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Online poker has totally changed the poker landscape and it has changed it forever. These days there are two goals for any novice poker player within poker in terms of striving to make money. The first goal is to become a very solid poker player. Once that goal is reached then the second goal is to try and maximise the level of volume that you can handle. Many players think that the key to making money in poker is to make decisions that are as good as possible. This isn’t accurate in reality as to really optimise your decisions means watching each game very closely.

To spot every single nuance of a poker game does involve a very high level of observation. Even to attempt to do that on a second table would be very difficult. However let us say that with this very high level of observation that you could play NL100 and make $0.10 per hand but you only were dealt 75 hands per hour in full ring on a single table. This would make your hourly rate $7.50. However let us look at a player that plays on say 10 tables but only makes $0.04 per hand.

The single table player is earning 2.5x what the multi-table player is earning per hand but the multi-tabling player is now playing 750 hands per hour. Their hourly rate is $30 which is 4x that of the single table player. Their playing decisions are not as accurate on a per table basis but then again they don’t have to be and it is actually counterproductive that they be so. This is why optimising you’re playing decisions is actually not your goal in online poker. The real objective is to balance between playing optimally and recording as much volume as you can.

Many players that attempt to play say 750 hands per hour may not be as good at handling that sort of speed and may spew money horrendously. They may end up making less money than the single table player and may even be better off playing on only one table. So trying to increase your earn rate in online poker is often a case of trial and error and basically seeing what works and what doesn’t. Some people simply take to playing a lot of tables better than others.

If you play a single table and make $7.50 per hour then you always have the potential to earn more than this but it does involve changing how you play. You often have to reduce your ranges in all positions and you need to be very acute of weaknesses within your strategy. This is far harder to spot multi-tabling than when you are playing on only one table. So remember that your goal in poker when it comes to earning money is to try and balance the quality of your playing decisions with recording as much volume as you possibly can. The players that balance these two areas the best make the most money.