‘Underground Poker’ Part of All in, All Night (vid)

Hand over poker chips

There was a feast to be had for poker players and fans alike last night in America after the Discovery Channel aired three back to back poker shows. Among them was the pilot for ‘Underground Poker’, a documentary featuring the popular duo of Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari that we mentioned in a previous article.

The night on the Discovery Channel was called ‘All In, All Night’ and it provided a good night’s viewing for poker enthusiasts initially starting with ‘Hustling the House‘ and then following with ‘Casino Secrets’before reaching ‘UndergroundPoker’ featuring Laak and Esfandiari.

‘Underground Poker’ saw its pilot aired and started following both players around as they go looking for home games that they can take part in all over New Orleans.

The show is not overly focused on the poker playing aspect and there literally was just a few hands shown. Instead the focus is on the underground scene of players looking for the next big home game to try and get involved with.

The hope is that the pilot will be successful enough to warrant filming the rest of the episodes and with the chemistry between Laak and Esfandiari, we are pretty sure that this will be the case. Both have taken part in many poker shows throughout the past and have always provided entertaining personalities for the viewers to enjoy.

Though we do not have the whole show to share with you just yet, we can provide you with the trailer that has been doing the rounds.


Hopefully the pilot will be made available online somewhere so that those of us that are not in America are able to see what the show is all about. If it does, we will be the first to share it with you all and let you know.