Vanessa Rousso discovers young beatboxer (vid)

Vanessa Rousso in WSOP 2013

Those who had the chance of seeing Vanessa Rousso playing poker know that she is a formidable opponent at live tables, both tournaments and cash games. The poker community is also familiar with her passion for music and unlike other players who regard it as mostly a hobby, Vanessa has high expectations from her music career. It is only fair to say that if she will be even half as successful in this line of work as she is in poker, we will be hearing her music a lot in the next couple of years.

For the time being, she set up a studio at home and this is how she got to invite a 10-year-old boy with a special talent. He’s the child of one of her friends and apparently an ambitious young man who hopes to grow his skills as a beat-boxer. Vanessa was clearly impressed by his raw talent and she even posted a video depicting the young artist in action, stating her intention to work with him in the future. She already used some of his material for her songs and provided the community with a short sample.

Rousso took advantage of this opportunity to talk a bit about the importance of certain innate abilities, while emphasising the fact that they can’t be a substitute for hard work. In both poker and music, you need to have a set of abilities to succeed, but if you rely exclusively on the qualities you were born with, you will never make it big. Vanessa attributes success in poker to mental strength and patience, rather than the uncanny ability of calculating probabilities quickly.

Poker is a game of skill rather than luck and that’s why players need to stay focused throughout the game and adjust their tactics based on real-life situations. Vanessa claims that a poker player needs to have the ability to steer clear of danger, cut their loses and muster the courage to back up aggressive plays when needed. Talent comes in handy, but at least if we are to trust Ms. Rousso it will only get you that far and it is up to the players to make the most of their natural gift.

The young beat-boxer who goes by the nickname of “LilJhype” is living proof that some people have what it takes to succeed from an early age. Their talent needs to be polished and these youngsters need to be helped find their way, so that they can reach their full potential instead of fading out. Conversely, poker players who enjoy a head start should embrace discipline and the right work ethic to succeed in the long run.