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“veeea” Scoops $112,833 In The PokerStars Super Tuesday

shutterstock_60004645In a quiet week for poker so far we were fortunate that the PokerStars Super Tuesday was again played out yesterday, with the event again attracting a large field of players. There were 597 of them to be exact which generated a prize pool of $597,000 which practically doubled the $300k guarantee.

The player whose turn it was to scoop the win this time around was the Russian player “Veeea” after he beat the British pro “BoskoRock” heads up to take home the first place payout of $112,833, whilst there were also another 71 players that finished the event with at least something.

The Final Table And Seating!

St1 – Heartthrob10 — 113,366

St2 – BoskoRock — 138,423

St3 – pehta30 — 82,012

St4 – veeea — 652,949

St5 – joserivas397 — 265,107

St6 – miraclecake — 438,896

St7 – MakeItReign — 397,743

St8 – probers — 719,655

St9 – Apotheosis92 — 176,849

After more than nine hours, the final table was final table established, with “probirs” coming to it as the chip leader, though “veeea” was already closing in on him. The rest of the table was also fairly stacked, meaning we were in for some good action.

“veeea” didn’t take long before he was adding to his chips either as in one of the first hands he eliminated one of the short stacks in “Heartthrob10”. This was then followed up by “BoskoRosk” seeing off “Apotheosis92” when he hit a set of queens on a three way all-in.

The next elimination happened more than 40 minutes later, with “MakeItReign” running his As-Qs into the pocket aces of “veeea” and coming out second best. This had put “veeea” into a huge lead of nearly a million chips over his closest rival. He then took out “probirs” with a coinflip involving his Ad-Td and the Kh-Jh of his opponent.

“joseRivas397” was the next to fall after losing a coinflip with his As-Qc against the Ah-Kh of “pehta30”.

This left us with just four players remaining, though not for long as “BoskoRock” claimed the scalp of “pehta30” and less than ten hands later “veeea” sent us into heads up after dismissing “miraclecake”.

Just three hands into the session, we had our new champion as all of the chips went into the middle with “veeea” holding the Ad-8d and his opponent the Qs-Jc. It was practically all over on the river when it fell as the 3d-Ah-4h, with the turn and river of the 6h and 3c not improving either hand.

How It Finished!

veeea — $112,833.00

BoskoRock — $82,684.50

miraclecake — $60,894.00

pehta30 — $45,969.00

joserivas397 — $32,238.00

probirs — $25,372.50

MakeItReign — $19,402.50

Apotheosis92 — $13,432.50

Heartthrob10 — $9,134.10


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