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Vicky Coren Wins The Jonathan Ross PokerStars Charity Event

Vicky Coren Wins The Jonathan Ross PokerStars Charity Event

As we reported just yesterday, PokerStars and Jonathan Ross hooked up to create a charity celebrity poker event, with the event being played out yesterday afternoon. The two players who finished in the top spots would be able to donate $30k and $25k respectively to their chosen charities.

The field was a mix of television personalities, comedians, an ex tennis legend a full time poker professional and one lucky PokerStars player who managed to qualify for this event having won a satellite.

The lineup was of course Jonathon Ross, PokerStars Team Pro Vicky Coren, Boris Becker, Jason Munford and John Bishop, whilst the qualifier was Adam Mohamed who hails from Brighton. Mohamed will probably remember this experience for the rest of his life, especially considering who he was playing against.

Event Underway!

There was certainly a slow start, with the players obviously trying to work each other out, or in some of their cases just trying to figure out how to play the game in the first place. In fact the game was so slow that three players were almost being blinded out before we even saw an elimination.

Becker, Ross and Bishop were literally down to just a few hundred a piece, with none of them wanting to be the first to be eliminated. However one of them had to go, and it was the man who helped this whole thing together, Ross lost when he found an A-K only to run into Bishops pocket aces.

Next to go was Becker, as he was eliminated by the pocket kings of Jason Munford, to join Ross at the bar. Not one to miss out on a beer, Bishop was quick to join them after messing with probably the only one he shouldn’t Vicky Coren.

This left us with just three left, but only for about 30 minutes as the last of the funny guys went out. Jason Manford lost a coin flip with his pocket nines against the A-K of Coren to leave us with what most thought would be the heads up pairing at the start of play.

It was the PokerStars qualifier against the PokerStars Team Pro, with it actually proving to be quit a close encounter. Had luck been with him, Mohamed could quite easily have had a pros scalp, yet it wasn’t to be.

Coren eventually eliminating Mohamed with just a Ts-4s after the player had become short stacked; he was holding the Ah-3d and was simply outdrawn on the flop.

The result meant that Coren was able to donate $30k to St John’s Hospice, whilst Mohamed chose to donate his $25k to the Macmillan’s Cancer Support.


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