“Viking8844” $111K Super Tuesday Smash and Grab

mouse and money

590 entrants rocked up to pay-up the $1,050 buy-in to the Super Tuesday No Limit Hold’em online PokerStars tournament, adding another $90,000 to the $500,000 guarantee that also guaranteed that 72 places past the bubble would walk away cash in hand.

It’s been almost a month since the Super Tuesday has been back in action returning only just last week after the mass of tournaments that came our way during September. Last week it was back to the Super Tuesday where we saw 514 players, which was admittedly a little below the average of 534 players coming out of the first 8 months of the year, but this week it was good see the tournament getting back to business as usual.

It took a grand total of 11 hours and 17 minutes to get through the blinds and antes eventually giving us our $111,510 first prize winner, who managed to get grab a full whack first place prize, which was announced after the late entry rule closed the registration period. No deals meant “Viking8844” took a whopping $29,795 more than second place “uknowProsky”.

After the 11-hour break there were four players remaining and “Viking8844” showed no signs of slowing down as he continued aggressively, adding to his lead taking down the lion’s share of the dead money in true Chris Moneymaker playing style.

He soon knocked out “StaceOP” in 4th after holding Big Slick spades and clubs versus the suited Q-J spades of “StaceOP”. The flop came Ks-3c-7d. “StaceOP” was hoping for a flush, but the board blanked on the turn and river with 9d and 7c respectively.

Next “Viking8844” shoved after some aggressive pre-flop betting, and he showed big slick As-Kc once again, but this time versus the wired Aces of “ninoley”. The board rolled out 4c-Jh-Ks-6c-Kh, amazingly pulling out trip kings and knocking out “ninoley” and his aces in third place.

It was now left to heads-up with “Viking8844” well out in front stacked with 2,414,856 chips, while “uknowProsky*” trailed with around one fifth of that amount on 535,144 chips.

“uknowProsky*” put up a good fight, but ultimately it would have been a tall order to come back and win from this spot. It was only a few minutes past heads-up before “Viking8844” expectedly took the final all in and the $111,510 cash prize.

Super Tuesday Final Table Winners

1st “Viking8844” from Israel won $111,510.00

2nd “uknowProsky” from Netherlands won $81,715.00

3rd “ninoley” from Brazil won $60,180.00

4th “StaceOP” from Russia won $45,430.00

5th “morans350” from Canada won $31,860.00

6th “Maestro Shao” from Argentina won $25,075.00

7th “Gambler4444” from Austria won $19,175.00

8th Charles “Chilax” Chuck Sylvestre from Canada won $13,275.00

9th “oldchilli” from Canada won $9,027.00