Viktor Blom surges past the $1 million threshold


So far, 2014 has been an excellent year for Viktor Blom but this is the first time that he crosses the threshold of $1 million. 24 hours ago, he was just a few thousand shy of entering the seven digit area, but the moment he sat down at the $1k/$2k 8-Game tables, it was obvious that “Isildur1″ won’t stop there.

He won $15,000 in just a couple of hands playing at $500/$1,000 CAP tables, winning most of the pots against “WCGRider” at No-Limit HU tables. Even though he squandered 9,000 of those profits playing pot limit Omaha with Bttech86, he didn’t fall below the $1 million limit and made the right decision to move to mixed games. Russian poker professional Alexander Kostritsyn who uses the nickname “PostflopAction” was waiting at these tables.

The session saw “Isildur1″ winning $100,000 in less than one hour and he pushed his game into overdrive, winning another $100k in the next half an hour. At the end of the session which lasted two hours and 40 minutes, Blom was $299.400 up, while his overall profits for the day stood at $305k. His combined profits in 2014 are a massive $1.32 million, yet only a quarter of what he won last January.

Apparently, the few hands played against Ben “Bttech86″ Tollerene yesterday and the fact that Viktor lost $9k tipped the balance in his opponent’s favour. Bttech86 has a narrow advantage of $5,000 over the Swedish poker professional in 2014 and so far he’s the most successful online poker pro.

No other player came even close to “Isildur1″ yesterday, yet Kyle Ray rounded up his profits with $53,000, playing mostly $200/$400 NLHE against “Tight-Man1”. The game could’ve gone either way and both players were tens of thousands up at one time only to see the opponent clawing his way back into the race. Kyle’ performance is particularly impressive given the fact that he lost $100,000 in a single pot when his pocket kings ran into aces.

At the end of the day, KPR16 prevailed, with “wooki3z.” and “mikki696” winning more than $30,000 each. These were the most successful four players yesterday, with Viktor Blom sitting on top, with $280k more than the combined amount of the other three winners:

Isildur1 – $305.300

KPR16 – $53.500

wooki3z – $36.300

mikki696 – $32.200