Viktor Blom wins again – Over $800k

Viktor Blom

Yesterday was one of Viktor Blom’s most successful grinds at the poker tables of 2014 as he took down some of the top players in online poker in an incredible run of form.

“Isildur1″ started playing on the Triple Draw tables at $2,000/$4,000 versus “AtherCliath”, who subsequently finished the day as the sixth highest loser with a -$61,900 deficit inflicted by Blom. Once Blom had started to stack up the chips, there was almost no stopping the Swede. He continued his upswing winning $150,000 on the CAP Pot Limit Omaha games this time playing much lower stakes of $400/$600.

It was then back to the 8-Game tables where him and Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn have recently been meeting for some frantic heads-up action. The limits were high once again as the Swede and Kostritsyn played $1,500/$3,000 stakes, and once again it just seemed to all go Blom’s way. He took $289,000 from the Russian meaning Blom was up half a million at this stage. The key hand of the game was a $130,000 pot after Blom survived a ‘run it twice’ agreement to scoop the entire pot as the turn and river blanked on Kostritsyn.

Nicklas “ragen70″ Heinecker, Blom’s nemesis of late, was next to step up to challenge Blom. They were playing $2,000/$4,000 this time around back on the Triple Draw games, and it was Heinecker that came out in the best shape as Blom let $150,000 slip.

The minor hiccup for the day was short lived as Blom returned to the Pot Limit Omaha tables at $200/$400 stakes winning $32,000 versus Dan “cottonseed1” Hendon, and then it was “Sallywoo” next up playing Omaha, but this time it was “Sallywoo” territory playing his specialty of Fixed Limit Eight-or-Better. The two were grinding for more than six hours at $2,000/$4,000. Eventually, it turned out to be a very bad day for “Sallywoo” as he had to stomach a $411,212 thrashing with all the cash going over to Viktor “Isildur1” Blom giving him an incredible win that tipped his 2014 yearly profits over $1 million.

Yesterdays Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st “Isildur1” $813,378

2nd “ragen70” $150,374

3rd “taktloss47” $121,056

4th “M.O.P.” $92,677

5th “mikki69” $60,911

It has been an amazing week for Blom after starting the day last Saturday -$465,110 in the red. However, he’s turned it around in seven days winning a total of $1,503,293. No one came close to the incredible wins he pulled out of the bag even though Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene managed a huge $446,822 profit coming in second for the week behind Blom.

This Weeks’s Top 5 Online Poker Profits (11th Jan 17th Jan)

1st “Isildur1” $1,503,293

2nd “Bttech86” $446,822

3rd “Crazy Elior” $155,974

4th “mikki696” $143,712

5th “jama-dharma” $120,372

Despite Blom’s huge wins there were no huge losers for the week surprisingly enough. Most of the money that went over to Blom was evenly distributed. Despite much of his winnings coming from Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn and “SallyWoo”, neither of these players were even close to recording a top five loss for the week.

This Weeks’s Top 5 Online Poker Losses (11th Jan 17th Jan)

“2Ari Gold (-$219,082)

Gus Hansen (-$166,886)

“Doorbread (-$146,701)

“Martin Kabrhel (-$129,631)

“Sauce1234” (-$115,693)