Viktor Blom’s Burn out Continues

Viktor Blom

Blom’s year began by hovering around a $3 million profit margin and he also took down the SCOOP Main Event to win over $1 million, but just recently things have not been good whatsoever.

The day before yesterday he dropped six figures after a promising start to the day, and today the story has a not so different plot to it.

It was Ben “Bttech86″ Tollerene who became Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom’s most recent sting after a session that lasted an hour and ten minutes, the $500/$1000 CAP Pot Limit Omaha games saw Tollerene blast through Blom to become the day’s biggest earner, while Blom was left with a sinking ship once again losing $44,898,actually, relatively tame considering some of his recent losses.

Blom was in fact $300,000 up for the day at one point, but it seems his high volatility and lust for bigger wins has been turning against him as of late. Initially Blom was playing at lower stakes compared to his usual blasts. It was the $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha tables that were playing host to the Swede as well as “RagingHeart”, who incidentally handed over $100,000 to Blom. Phil “Polarizing” Ivey was the next player to leak chips to what was beginning to look like an on form Blom, at last as he forced Ivey to give up $98,000 on the $2,000/$4,000 Fixed Limit Omaha tables. On top of his early Omaha rampages, Blom had also clocked up $25,000 in the Deuce to Seven Triple arena.

Once Blom got in to the match versus Tollerene, there was a similar story to his early sessions unfolding after he took a quick $50,000 lead closing in on that $300,000 high point in his day’s grind, but the downswing seems almost inevitable when Blom gets going, and just as you thought it couldn’t happen again, well, it did. Blom watched helplessly as $275,000 of his money was shipped once again in the wrong direction during the final few hands of yet another unsuccessful heads-up match.

Some might say the luck of the draws went Tollerene’s way in that match, as Blom tried aggressively to put Tollerene of the chase where there were a few big pots percentage wise putting Blom out there as the favourite to take down the pot, but Tollerene seemed to suck it out every time. However, what really put the stick in the mud for Blom was his over tendency to Bluff, which Tollerene consistently read commendably to add that final punch that crushed the Swede’s well-earned cash for the day. To be fair, all being said and done Blom did acknowledge his opponents brilliant play before exiting from the tables for the day.

Yesterdays 5 Biggest Online Poker Profits

1st – “Bttech86” – $279,368

2nd – “kagome kagome” – $163,284

3rd – “Follow The Hawk” – $153,957

4th – “HC_68” – $57,330

5th – “mTw-DaviN” – $56,036