Vines And Reclines As The Habs And Leafs Shine (vids)

Liv Boeree

Whilst the World Poker Tour has been playing out in Montreal all week, it gave some players the chance to enjoy some true Canadian experiences in their off-time. However it seems that the mix of some tiresome poker grinding at the tables during the day and a few quick beers to kick start the night was enough to send one of them to sleep at the Habs and Leafs hockey game.

Whilst this is not overly embarrassing in general, it becomes slightly more so when the television cameras catch you at it and beam the pictures to everyone that is watching. The player in question was the PokerStars Team Pro Vanessa Selbst who was attending the game with fellow PokerStars Pro’s Liv Boeree and Jonathan Duhamel.

Here is how it all played out:

The three players shared their excitement at going to the game through tweets of tickets and team hugs before they finally took to their seats in the stadium.

Then came some all important action shots from the players either in picture form or Vines, showing the tension and excitement at the game.

It seems however that Selbst wasn’t quite so full of that same energy she was talking about in the game as the next Tweet showed some of the footage shown live on air on Sportsnet. As you can expect, the tweet was shared and re-tweeted throughout the poker scene, though we are sure that Selbst herself finds it hilarious.