Vlad Darie wins PokerStars Super Tuesday and $120k

US Dollars

Records are meant to be broken and PokerStars Super Tuesday is right on track, after featuring more than 600 players for the 4th consecutive time. The prize pool soared to $640k and almost a fifth of this amount went to Vlad “dariepoker” Darie’s online account. He cruised towards the first prize and was so dominant at the final table, that he had no reason to accept a deal when three-handed play began.

Only 72 players made the money and the bubble stage was particularly intense, with players battling for almost an hour before the unfortunate bubble boy was sent to the rail. Poker pro Chris “Moorman1″ Moorman was the first above the line and once this psychological moment was behind them, players shifted into a more aggressive gear. Two and a half hours later there were only 9 players left and so, the final table began with “CrownUpGuy” at the helm.

The Austrian player had a 100k lead over Vlad Darie and BetBetShove9 came in third, while 3 players were struggling at the opposite end with less than 30 big blinds left. One by one, they left the competition and the only surprising result was the untimely elimination of “CrownUpGuy”. The former chip leader was sent to the rail in the 6th place, losing his dwindling stack to BetBetShove9 who got ahead.

He was the first to cross the 1 million chips barrier and consolidated his lead by taking big chunks of Alex “Schildy1984″ Debus’ stack. It was him who struck the fatal blow and three-handed play began with the player from the United Kingdom controlling the match. Vlad “dariepoker” Darie was dealt a decent hand for calling “calvin7v” desperate all-in and a favourable board sealed the short stacker’s fate while propelling Darie to the top.

The heads-up lasted less than an hour and both players went all in with an ace and a mediocre kicker, but Vlad’s was just big enough to win the hand. He collected $120,960 for his achievement, while the runner-up took home almost $90k.

This is what the 9 finalists got and their final placement in the Super Tuesday:

  1. Vlad “dariepoker” Darie – $120,960
  2. BetBetShove9 – $88,640
  3. calvin7v – $65,280
  4. Alex “Schildy1984″ Debus – $49,280
  5. VernonH – $34,560
  6. CrownUpGuy – $27,200
  7. teckidtq – $20,800
  8. Stor81 – $14,400
  9. MESQUEUBR – $9,792