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Watch Out! PokerStars to Offer Zoom Tournament Poker

When PokerStars launched their very own version of fast-fold poker, much to the delight of players who play a lot of cash game poker, there were those who love tournaments who would have felt a little left out.

This will change very soon as Zoom MTTs will be included in the next update. One of the faces of PokerStars’, Lee Jones, has announced on his post that the next update is being tweaked and the final touches are being applied to the update, and that it should be available for the public in the very near future. Jones appeared to be excited at the new development, and he said that there: “Is just a question of putting a final polish on.” While also going on to add that they are very close to a finished product.

The PokerStars’ Zoom Tournaments are likely to work in a very similar way to the Full Tilt Rush tournaments.

The original Zoom Poker was first introduced in March of this year, and the concept behind it was to let players fold their cards, at which point they would be whisked away to a brand new table, be given a new hand and would play against a different set of players. This leads to players being able to play a lot more hands in an hour.

The new format proved to be incredibly popular, and in the immediate days after the release PokerScout estimated that out of all the cash games being played on PokerStars, 25% were Zoom Poker.

PokerStars is now the premier place to play rush poker, after it recently acquired Full Tilt. This allows it to protect itself against other firms who want to copy their format. Indeed, an attorney for PokerStars told Casino Scam Report, a website that helps to protect consumers against casino scams, that they want to protect “the inventive elements of the Rush and Zoom products.”

PokerStars have also added a new level to their VIP Programme, Chrome Star. Chrome star allows casual players of poker to rank up easier, and therefore enables them to differentiate themselves from players who have just joined the site. Chrome Star only takes 100 VPP’s to attain, which means that even casual players can achieve this. Previously, many of these casual players were unable to rack up the large amount of VPP’s needed to achieve Silver Star, leaving many stuck on Bronze Star.










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