WCOOP 2013 – Just 12 Events Remaining

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Despite there being a total of 66 events at the PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker, the series really seems to have flown by. We have now reached the point where there are just twelve events left and a few days to see them played out.

Each event has so far been a massive success, so we are expecting the same from the Main Event on Sunday.

Check out all of the action from last night at the tables, with there three events being completed.

Event #51 – $1.050 No Limit Holdem $1,000,000 Gtd

The landmark fiftieth event was another huge one as 1,523 players converged onto the felt in order to beat the guaranteed prize pool of $1 million and bringing in a true total of $15,230,000 to be shared amongst the top 171 finishers.

It finished up with “vgreen22” coming out on top and securing $258,910 after seeing off “Turko_man” in second place.

How It Finished

1st) vgreen22 – $258,910.00

2nd) Turko_man – $190,375.00

3rd) gangst3rn1 – $144,532.70

4th) TheMakaron – $103,564.00

5th) uWannaLoan? – $75,388.50

6th) Ector – $60,158.50

7th) floebbi – $44,928.50

8th) paranoik333 – $29,698.50

9th) Peacefulme07 – $16,448.40

10th) tamas_90 – $13,097.80

Event #52 – $215 No Limit Holdem $300,000 Gtd

Next to be completed today was another NLHE event that broke the prize pool guarantee. This one attracted a good 1,306 players to generate a true prize pool of $571,000. This was to be shared between the players that would be lucky and skilled enough to make it into the top 171 places.

maxxmeister” finished the highest however and claimed $97,070 for his win along with a WCOOP bracelet.

How It Finished

1st) maxxmeister – $97,070.00

2nd) MagicHammer – $71,375.00

3rd) iacog4 – $54,187.90

4th) Roothlus – $38,828.00

5th) torkolort1 – $28,264.50

6th) hari bow kid – $22,554.50

7th) Pinguizetti – $16,844.50

8th) tollefishy – $11,134.50

9th) Mr Negreanu – $6,166.80

10th) Kanderson777 – $4,910.60

Event #54 – $2,100 Pot Limit Omaha $500,000 Gtd

Lastly we had a change of format as the final event was a PLO that brought 460 players to the virtual felt and almost doubled the guaranteed to prize pool as it hit $920,000. The top sixty players would be walking away from the event with a payout and on this occasion it was “LukeFromB13” that scooped the jackpot after seeing off “el_konkador” during heads up to bank $130,873.56.

How It Finished

1st) LukeFromB13 – $130,873.56

2nd) el_klonkador – $111,100.57

3rd) Ledicus – $121,159.64

4th) kimokh – $113,886.23

5th) [email protected]@[email protected] – $48,760.00

6th) superf1sh – $31,280.00

7th) Vichyn88 – $19,320.00

8th) G’s zee – $19,320.00

9th) rmntaw4ever – $19,320.00

10th) ActionFreak – $12,420.00