WCOOP 2013 – Main Event Attracts Huge Names

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There were three more events completed at the PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker today, whilst another two were also started and will be completed by tomorrow. One of those was the Main Event which brought in 2,133 players creating a prize pool of $10,665.

That beat the $8 million guarantee with ease and saw some of the world’s most renowned players taking part. Amongst them were PokerStars Team Pros Liv Boeree, Jake Cody, Jason Mercier, Vanessa Selbst, Vanessa Rousso, Victoria Coren, George Danzer, Johnny Lodden, Bertrand Grospellier, Daniel Negreanu, Randy Lew, Ike Haxton and Theo Jorgensen.

For Negreanu, Selbst, Haxton, Grospellier and Danzer however, they couldn’t do quite enough to make it into Day 2.


For those still involved, it was a long shift and particularly difficult to even see.


Check out the results of the events that were completed today below.

Event #61 – $700 Pot Limit Omaha $150,000 Gtd

The first event that finished up today was one of the two that required two days to complete. It brought in 407 players to almost double the $150k prize pool to that of $270,655. This meant that the top 64 would be paid from that, with the winner of the $53,924.45 first place prize eventually being revealed as “maximum123”.

How It Finished

1st) maximum123 – $53,924.45

2nd) SONGJOY – $48,924.45

3rd) LFmagic – $18,945.85

4th) [email protected] – $18,945.85

5th) visjeatwater – $8,660.96

6th) HITTHEPANDA – $8,660.96

7th) hartwith – $8,660.96

8th) Faith#1Virtu – $8,660.96

9th) Python817 – $3,247.86

10th) dynoalot – $3,247.86

Event #62 – $700 No Limit Holdem $1,000,000 Gtd

Next was the other event that required two days, with this one being of the more popular NLHE variant. It summoned up 2,467 players, which was actually not enough to cover the prize pool guarantee for the first time during the 2013 WCOOP series. The guarantee was $1 million but the players who entered were only worth $832,612.50.

Despite that, the eventual winner was “ValueFolding” who claimed the bracelet and of course took home the largest slice of the $1 million in $104,173.05.

How It Finished

1st) ValueFolding – $104,173.05

2nd) heavenwalker – $93,615.07

3rd) TWG8186 – $78,769.28

4th) awaz1983 – $77,096.14

5th) quarltje – $37,467.56

6th) TheLipoFund – $28,725.13

7th) CaptainGant – $20,399.00

8th) a$$ou – $12,072.88

9th) Pokerfan89Gr – $7,493.51

10th) mestre_urubu – $5,661.76

Event #65 -$10,300 8 Game High Roller $500,000 Gtd

The only event that started and finished on the same day today was that of this 8 Game High Roller that inevitably brought in some big names. There 86 of them, which led to a prize pool of $860,000, $300k more than the guarantee.

12 of those players would take a share of that but the largest was claimed by Alexandre “BiatchPeople” Luneau as he took home $234,350 after seeing off the runner up “Tridynamo”.

How It Finished

1st) BiatchPeople – $234,350.00

2nd) Tridynamo – $156,950.00

3rd) hotmark777 – $120,400.00

4th) Elia001 – $81,700.00

5th) Andy McLEOD – $60,200.00

6th) Enon – $45,150.00

7th) S.Ruthenberg – $32,250.00

8th) joiso – $32,250.00

9th) kuhns89 – $32,250.00

10th) BRAZZMONKEY – $21,500.00