Weekly High Stakes – Big Scores Aplenty

Mouse and money

The past few weeks at the high stakes cash tables over at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have been quite subdued in all honesty, yet that all changed throughout the last week with plenty of days seeing the highest earners winning as much as $500k at the tables.

The likes of Phil “Polarizing” Ivey, Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau, “Kagome Kagome” and “KPR16” were the main players to provide the action and it resulted in many fireworks at the tables with large sums of money changing hands.

Check out how the week panned out below:


The start of the week saw a fair bit of action and provided a winner that took home almost $500k. That player was Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau who struggled the previous week but seemed to put all of his troubles behind him in one foul swoop. He bagged $474k against the player that gave him those problems last week in “Kagome Kagome” when they took to the $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw tables.


The big action continued on Tuesday as Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau undid all of his good work on Monday by losing $559.7k to “thecortster” at the very same $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw tables. This made his opponent the day’s biggest winner with Phil “Polarizing” Ivey finishing with the second biggest score of $111.7k.


The big profits carried on rolling right into Wednesday with the big winner this time being Phil “Polarizing” Ivey after he banked a whopping $449k. He won this at the Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables and the Mixed Game tables against opponents like Kyle “KPR16” Ray, “Carloooo13” and “PostFlopAction”.


The good news is that the action this week carried on into Thursday, the bad news is that for Phil “Polarizing” Ivey, all of the money he had won before was lost. He lost $200k against “KPR16” before then also losing $333k to “Kagome Kagome” to ensure he finished as the big loser on the day. As for the big winner, that was “Kagome Kagome” who banked $310.8k.


Friday brought an end to the weeks action and it proved to be quietest day of the week. Phil “Polarizing” Ivey finished back at the top of the profits, though this time with just $188.6k. This profit was one from a variety of opponents such as Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau and “PostFlopAction” when playing at the 2-7 Triple Draw and mixed game tables.

This week has certainly been one of the busiest for a little while with the majority of the days bringing massive winnings for the top earners. Can this continue into next week? Check back with us next weekend and you will be sure to find out.