Weekly High Stakes Online Poker

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Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker has shown the online poker world that he plans to make the high stakes tables a profitable year, as he draws in another big weekly win after getting off to a slow start. 

So Heinecker has netted a grand total of $4,192,451 in 2013 yesterday adding another $572,916 playing just 970 hands in an incredible eight sessions of poker. He stuck to the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw tables for the entire day, choosing not to venture off into any other styles as he continued an unbelievable run. Gus Hansen was in behind Heinecker, but his $119,196 win was overshadowed by the German’s upswing.

In Heinecker’s previous week’s endeavours, he set the pace for the rest of the high stakes regulars as he ran up $411,736, putting him firmly on top of the leader board for the most cash earned for 2013. This week he continued to add to his superior bankroll, with another $407,312 bringing him in as the week’s second highest earner, behind “Rui Cao’s” $498,446 digging him out of a deep hole that was in danger of going deep into the $1 million loss zone. However, now he only has a -$475,721 deficit thanks to this week’s plays.

“Sallywoo” trailed behind the leaders with a $390,274 profit, while this year’s second highest earner by the way of Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene was just behind in fourth place for the week. Tollerene is currently boasting a $3,092,551 yearly profit after 116,156 hands, which is double the number of hands Heinecker, who is in top place has played.

This Week’s Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st “Rui Cao’s” $498,446

2nd “ragen70” $407,31

3rd “Sallywoo” $390,274

4th “Bttech86” $312,649

5th “no_Ola” $260,994

With all the weekly and yearly stats being the main topic as we get closer to a New Year and fresh start in 2014, Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker’s performance yesterday has been stealing the show. He blasted through the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw $2,000/$4,000 games with four of his sessions turning out $100,000 profits in each. Out of his entire eight sessions, he dropped into the red in only one of them, leaving him in the green in an amazing seven sessions.

Yesterday’s Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st “ragen70” $572,916

2nd “SallyWoo” $164,902

3rd “SanIker” $92,779

4th “Ike Haxton” $69,138

5th “Trueteller” $38,594

“SallyWoo” was also in amongst the big winners yesterday adding another win that helped the online poker pro become the third highest earner of the week. In three sessions and 220 hands screen name “SallyWoo” took $164,902 from Gus Hansen, who had in fact had a great run on the Deuce to Seven Triple tables profiting $119,196. However, his loss on the Omaha High/Low Eight-or-Better tables meant he had to nurse yet another loss.

On the other side of the green is the red zone and this week saw Viktor “Isildur1” Blom go on another downswing bringing his yearly profits down to $2,537,383, and so currently he is settling for third place in the yearly profits leader board behind Heinecker and Tollerene.

This Week’s Top 4 Online Poker Losses

“Isildur1” (- $909,313)

“WCGRider” (-$332,118)

“Kagome Kagome” (-$201,484

“PostflopAction” (-$185,870)