Weekly High Stakes Report – ‘SanIker’ On Fire

US Dollars

The online high stakes action has seen a sharp rise since the end of the World Series of Poker, this was quite expected as players return home and get back to concentrating at their online game. The usual suspects were on display throughout the week just gone and there were some really big games being played at extremely high stakes.

The player that will be the happiest though, will be ‘SanIker’ after topping the profits on three separate days.


The start of the weekend saw plenty of action and it was Alex ‘Alexonmoon’ Lueau who just about edged the top profits over ‘SamRostan’ with both players taking home $104.4k and $103.7k respectively. Most of those profits were taken from the either the 8-game tables or 2-7 Triple Draw tables, where most of the high stakes action was during the weekend.


Sunday again saw lots of action on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables with ‘SanIker’ this time being the biggest winner. He earned profits of $120.5k at the $1,500/$3,000 tables with most of that profit coming from the likes of ‘Trueteller’ and ‘samrostan.


The action picked up even more for Monday as the 2-7 Triple Draw tables were once again the variation of choice amongst the highest stakes players. Cort ‘thecortster’ Kibler-Melby came into the day having suffered losses of around $625k for the previous week, so would have been happy to finish with profits of $212.4k for the day.


It has been a typical swingy year for Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom so far and that did not change during the action on Tuesday. He was up, down, up down before finally finishing with profits of $247.7k after many sessions against ‘AthaCliath’ at various different types of poker variations.


On Wednesday it was once again the turn of ‘SanIker’ to add to his profits after once again earning the most for the day. He bagged profits of $253.6k meaning that he was now $635k better off just this week alone. He took this score after playing a number of sessions at the $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw tables.


Easily the biggest score of the week so far was made by Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom after Thursday saw him take home a whopping $647.3k in profit. This was mainly won from ‘Carlooo13’ on the $1k/$2k Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tables. This time Blom managed to stop before playing too long and losing it all again.


The very next day ‘SanIker’ managed to top the profits made by Blom the previous day after recording $716.1k in winnings. Blom on the other hand had a day to forget after losing almost $500k at the tables. The action was this time mainly found on the $2k/$4k limit tables with many of the big names being out in force.