Weekly Online High Stakes Report

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Despite the start of the World Series of Poker during the week just gone, the high stakes action online at both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars has still been going strong. There were plenty of big winners and talking points throughout the week, so we will let you know who they were and what their results do for the current yearly rankings.

The action began last Sunday with both Gus Hansen and Seb “taktloss47” Ruthenberg making good scores. The latter took home $218.4k after whilst on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables whilst the former had a rare good day by taking home $166.8k at the very same table.

Monday was another good day for “taktloss” as he brought in another $218k at the very same tables he had success on during the previous day’s action. This time his opponents were the likes of Gus Hansen and “Kagome Kagome”.

The next significant action came on Wednesday as the big winner was Viktor “Isildur1” Blom after a decent score of $119.8k after a few sessions at the 8-Game tables. Other winners on the day included “Carlooo13”and “Crazy Elior” who bagged $98.4k and $60.1k respectively.

Blom then lost all of those profits on Thursday as he dropped $317k when playing on a selection of different 2-7 Triple Draw and 8-Game tables. He did manage to recoup some of those losses on Friday with a score of $101.7k.

He was not the biggest winner on Friday however, as that accolade went to “Niki Jedlicka” with profits of $151.6k.

That pretty much sums up the action from last week, so let’s take a look at those results impact the profit and losses rankings for the year so far.


The Biggest Winners So Far This Year

Dan “jungleman12” Cates – $1,355,295

Patrick ”FinddaGrind“ Antonius – $1,183,736

Niki Jedlicka – $1,149,684

Alex ”Alexonmoon”  Luneau  - $1,077,266

Doug ”WCGRider” Polk – $755,773


The Biggest Losers So Far This Year

Gus Hansen – $3,545,491

Samrostan – $2,690,236

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom – $1,843,444

Phil “Polarizing” Ivey – $1,815,817

Crazy Elior – $939,704