When will the drops end for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom?

Profit and loss

Winning $1.4 million in a single day isn’t a problem for Blom when he’s on the top of his game, but holding onto it is proving difficult. In yesterday’s online high stakes action the Swede was on form looking to record a reasonable sized profit with his persistent aggressive play, but “IReadYrSoul” was holding on for that Blom cannon. The wait was worth it as Blom did load the barrel and fired into some $200k, plus pots coming off losing almost $375k in the short space of 3 hands.

“IReadYrSoul” latched onto the nut flush after the turn card put him ahead. Blom tried to act strong with a check-raise, and then on the river, Blom check-raises again only to come out far behind losing $256k. “IReadYrSoul’s” next win came after flopping a pair of tens and Blom shoves with plenty of outs. He had 2 over cards to the 10 as well as a flush draw, but the turn and river jammed up on him this time losing him a slightly smaller pot of $251k. Finally, Blom’s bad run finished off any chance of coming out of the day with a profit. In the 3rd $200k+ pot in a row Blom over bet the river in true tilting style. It was a bad move and very unlucky at the same time to find that “IReadYrSoul” had sucked out a stronger hand thanks to a favourable river card that gave him a two-pair and giving Blom a shocking loss.

Yesterdays 5 Biggest Online Poker Profits

1st “samrostan” – $301,682

2nd “IReadYrSoul” – $216,603

3rd “KPR16” – $205,656

4th “proudlikeagoat” – $188,786

5th “Bttech86” – $187,845

It was another day where Blom once again proves he is the master of entertainment in the online cash games. He was on a massive $1.4 million up swing a few days ago, then he loses almost half of that win only to come back with a $146k win playing heads-up on the CAP No Limit Hold’em games at $500/$1000 stakes. That was particular match was a volatile game of huge up and down swings versus “SanIker” with regular 6 figure shifts.

In the end, yesterday’s Blom giveaway meant that “IReadYrSoul” took down the second highest profit, and he joined four other 6 figure winners on the list. The biggest profit of all those players came from the Omaha Hi/Lo games. “samrostan” put together a huge $301,682 while “KPR16” was also on top of his game winning alongside “samrostan” playing Omaha.

On the receiving end of these big wins were Phil “polarizing” Ivey, losing $331,720, and “Gus Hansen”, who lost $114,498. Both the Full Tilt and live game cash pros are still struggling to make any kind of consistent winning streaks this year in their online games.

Yesterdays 5 Biggest Online Poker Losses

“Polarizing” (-$331,720)

“Isildur1” (-$269,653)

“luvtheWNBA” (-$151,065)

“MalACEsia” (-$148,819)

“SanIker” (-$146,688)