Who is Jason Mercier?

Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier used to let his performance at the poker tables speak on his behalf, but now he has started to open up a bit more via his personal blog. While he still thinks that actions speak louder than words the PokerStars Pro is now ready to share more personal information with fans and followers. For the time being, his personal blog and Twitter are the chosen ways of interacting with fellow poker players on multiple levels, but bigger projects are looming at the horizon.

When he announced his intention on Twitter to post an introductory post on his website, the immediate response was in line with the expectation. The tweet below preceded the article and those who went over it and enjoyed reading it have a good reason to be looking forward to what 2014 might bring.


The catchy title and the references have probably sparked interest even to those who are not necessarily watching Mercier’s performance at poker tables religiously, no pun intended. Jason speaks about his short term plans which involve spending more time with friends and family, as well as investing more energy and resources in his business project. He promises to write a new article dedicated exclusively to his entrepreneurial ambitious, while keeping this one casual and more personal.

Mercier plans on organising his life and some major steps in this direction have already been made, with the poker pro selling his South Florida house while buying a new condo. On a personal note, he said that these last couple of months were special because he regained his faith in God and found the courage to speak openly about this topic. He said that until now he found the subject to be too delicate and was  concerned about the reaction of the poker community.

Those who read the blog post and follow him on Twitter are in an overwhelming proportion applauding his decision and encourage him to persevere. Two of those who posted on Twitter to commend Mercier, were Daniel Negreanu and Doyle Brunson who apparently enjoyed the blog and the message the article tries to convey.



When it comes to 2014, Mercier has big plans and perhaps the most ambitious project is writing a book about his life and experiences both at and away from the poker table. The sooner he starts the better, because it is very likely that such a book would sell like hot cookies.