Where will profits come from in cash games in 2014?

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Where will the key core profit making potential come from in 2014 and beyond in deep stacked No-Limit Texas Hold’em cash games? I believe that the one key factor that dominates all others will be discipline and patience. These have often not been my strongest traits in poker but it is something that I have had to get my head around to a large extent as the games have become tighter and tougher. So just why are patience and discipline so key?

Well it is to do with the fact that your profits will no longer come from big pots in the deeper stacked cash games that you will encounter and play in. This is especially the case in full ring games where the player mentality is one of patience and discipline. I believe that if you can master this part of the game then you will be superior to the overwhelming majority of people at the lower levels. This is because of the fact that the average playing session in online poker is considerably shorter than a comparable live session!

This can cause players to not develop or cultivate the patience side of their poker game. If a certain poker game is required in order to succeed within a certain environment then if any aspects of that “poker game” are missing then you are going to struggle to make meaningful money. Your earnings in online poker do not come in a linear way and this is the biggest challenge that you will ever have to undertake in your poker life.

For example what if I told you that you were going to be successful playing online poker and were going to make 5bb/100 hands playing NL100 full ring? Let us say that you played eight tables and saw 600 hands per hour and so made 30bb/hour or $30/hour. If you played for example for 20 hours per week and 80 hours per month then your total monthly earn in terms of expectation would be $2400.

So after two months of play then you figured to make around $4800 or so. However, your actual result will be massively different to your expectation based on sheer variance alone. For example you could easily make more than double that amount and clear $10,000 in profits by going on a heater. However the flip side if you happen to run massively under EV could see you only breaking even.

So here we have two extreme points of breaking even and winning $10k with your mean average win of $4800 almost at the halfway mark. Even these two extremes are not totally accurate by a long chalk and this is why players need to be very careful. Extreme positive variance can leave a player feeling invincible while extreme negative variance can serve to almost kill a player’s confidence so much that they are blown out of the water before their “poker career” has even got off the ground.