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Win Anywhere on PokerStars – Plus Women’s Giveaways

feet upPokerStars have said you can win anywhere, anytime using its mobile app, and just to prove this, the mega poker site have yet another huge giveaway period.

The poker giant is by far the largest poker games provider on the net, and one of the contributors towards PokerStars’ success is its seamless mobile applications. iOS and Android mobile devices support the mobile application plus all Windows and Apple laptop operating systems support the PokerStars app. However, it is the mobile application that is taking up all the limelight in this latest PokerStars special.

You often spot people waiting for a bus or train playing their PokerStars account to the full. People even go to the park, sit in their local coffee shop or pass their stop overs off at the airport grinding away on their PokerStars mobile application, so PokerStars want to prove that you can win big playing anywhere you can get an internet connection to your mobile device.

It seems with the ability to get into a poker game wherever you are and at whatever time you choose to log on, more and more women as well as new players are signing up to the PokerStars website and this is exactly what has sparked PokerStars to put on this latest promotion.

In order to show the PokerStars mobile app loyalists how serious the site is about its ‘win anywhere’ claim PokerStars are launching the PokerStars Mobile $250K Giveaway. Anyone can just download the mobile application to rack up just 10 player points per day to be entered into a prize pool that will giveaway to the lucky winner an iPad 4 or they can opt for $1,000 in hard cash deposited into their account. What’s more is that this offer will not be a weekly or monthly draw, but a daily one. Every day either an iPad 4 or $1,000 will be given away to one lucky winner, between now up until the end of July.

For the ladies there will be prizes that have been put up for grabs specifically for them. During the week of July 22 up until July 28, all PokerStars female members need to do is play on their mobile app in one of the below tournaments to win Women’s Club tickets!

  • No-Limit Hold’em Women Poker Anywhere Freeroll

Prize: Women’s Club ticket worth $0.10 for the hearts level


  • No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max Women Poker Anywhere Daily $5.50 Special

Prize: Women’s Club ticket worth $1.10 for the Spades level


  • No-Limit Hold’em PokerStars Women Poker Anywhere Nightly $8.80 Special

Prize: Women’s Club ticket worth $1.10 for the Spades level

Players can also win more prizes by sending in photos of themselves playing PokerStars Mobile with their feet up. Get into the money by posting the pics with #PSFeetUp anytime between July 17 and July 28 to get your name into a draw for yet another iPad 4 giveaway.


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