Winners decided in Events 7 & 8 at the WCOOP

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WCOOP Event #7 No Limit 5-Card Draw tournament attracted 463 players, with each of them paying $250, for a chance of winning a first prize of almost $18,000. The total prize pool came painfully close of the reaching six digits, but in the end 60 players shared a slice of the $92,600 collected. The winner of the day was “-Rebus1980-“ from Russia who fought an uphill battle from the moment he made the final table.

He patiently clawed his way to the top, but he had less than 180,000 chips when the final table of six players was set. By this time, it was pretty obvious that this will be an all-Russian affair as three players were from this country and two of them had deep stacks. The chip leader was “Iral” from Finland, but he suffered a complete meltdown and finished in the fifth place ahead of “AsjBaaaf” from New Zealand.

Parasol6Ka finished in the third place and the remaining Russians had virtually identical stacks, but in exactly 80 hands, “-Rebus1980-“ won the last hand of the tournament, with 3 aces over his countryman’s three nines and won almost $18,000 while his opponent had to settle for a bit over $13,000. Check out the final table placement:

  1. Rebus1980 – $17,918.10
  2. Gribnogrib – $13,288.10
  3. Parasol6Ka – $9,954.50
  4. UhhMee – $6,852.40
  5. Iral – $4,907.80
  6. AsjBaaaf – $3,148.40

Not many players make Courchevel their game of choice, but even so, 745 of them found it worthwhile to pay $215 to compete in the 2013 WCOOP Event #8 $215 PL Courchevel H/L. The prize pool was $149,000 with 96 players finishing in the money and “CaptainSmile” from Norway emerged victorious. He and “onmybicycle” from the Netherlands reached an agreement during heads-up play and that’s how both of them ended up with roughly $25,000.

When the final table began, the two players had the second and third stack, with “hinuttaja” from Finland being the chip leader and the only player with more than 1 million chips in front of him. He bowed out of the competition in the fourth place and after “ocwiejka” from Poland finished in the third, the two remaining players quickly reached an agreement. They chose to play for $1000 and the WCOOP bracelet, which belongs now to “CaptainSmile”.

These are the eight players who made the final table and the payouts they collected once Event 8 ended:

  1. CaptainSmile – $24,333.51
  2. Onmybicycle –  $23,718.99
  3. Ocwiejka – $14,900.00
  4. Hinuttaja – $11,175.00
  5. Psholka – $7,450.00
  6. krzysiusts24 – $5,215.50
  7. MondSpieler – $3,352.50
  8. _ Kristibrud_ – $2,235.00