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WinStar World Casino River Poker Series Main Event Day 1c – Take A Gamble!

WinStar World Casino River Poker Series Main Event Day 1c – Take A Gamble!

This tournament has now seen three hard fought days of poker and now the WinStar World Casino River Poker Series finally goes into Day 2. The appropriately named Nathan Gamble managed to successfully build up the biggest stack the 577 players of Day 1c with 522,000.

He may be the chip leader but Gamble wasn’t the only player to amass a large amount of chips, Peter Zhmutski was the second highest chip builder with 462,00, whilst the third position went to Kurt Jewell who played nicely all day and ended with 431,000.

Other notables to make it through to Day 2 were AP Phahurat, Robert Salaburu, Aaron Massey and a certain Chris Moneymaker. The former WSOP 2003 Main Event winner is now slowly getting into contention at this event.

Some Had Three Shots And Still Failed!

This tournament featured a re-buy facility throughout the three flights of Day , so players knocked out on Day 1a could buy back in on Day 1b and then even Day 1c if needs be. This meant there were actually some players that had three bites at the tournament, such as Ryan Lenaghan, Bronson Tucker, Greg Raymer, Vanessa Selbst and David Baker.

Another who had three attempts and failed was Dwyte Pilgrim, he was eliminated in a hand when the flop was JD-6S-3H, and all of his chips went in when he was holding pocket aces. The turn and river came down 10S and QS respectively and his opponent showed an AS-KH hitting the straight.

The Bubble Boy

Andrew Nguyen pushed all in from an early position for around 80k chips, with Chris Moneymaker then pushing all-in over the top with 81k and everyone else folded. Nguyen held pocket eights whilst Moneymaker was holding pocket nines.

Neither hand improved and Nguyen was the unfortunate bubble boy being eliminated just one place from the money. The rest of the field was delighted whilst Nguyen would have felt the day had been wasted.

For Day 2 there will be the 83 players who made it through Day 1a and Day 1b combined with the58 who survived this day’s action. That brings the total taking part to 141, with each of them now in the money they will all harbor aspirations of improving their money and possibly even reaching that final table.

Keep coming back to find out exactly what happens on Day 2 as and when play kicks off, such as who is going to be the chip leader going into Day 3. Can Gamble continue his fine run of form? Or will there be new chip leader everyone is chasing?


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