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“Wizard0fAhhs” Reveals His Sick Setup (vid)

two cardsJust the other day we reported that PokerStars were offering prizes for players that sent in pictures of their P.C setups for playing online poker. We know that some grinders make use of a multitude of monitors and high spec rigs when trying to earn a living playing online, yet the system that Kevin “WizardOfAhhs” Thurman uses has to be up there with the very best of them.

PokerStars are awarding ten prizes for the best setups, with those prizes being a cool 50k in FPP’s. There is still a week to go too, just in case you missed out on this PokerStars competition.
He admits using this rig for sessions that can sometimes last for up to forty hours at a time, which is why he has gone for something that is not only high spec but also highly ergonomic.
His set-up includes five monitors which allow him to not only play twenty four poker tables consecutively but also to have his various HUD’s, spreadsheets and guides that he uses to help him make tricky decisions.

He also makes use of an ergonomic trackball mouse, wireless keyboard and a separate number pad that he obviously uses to key in his bet amounts. He then goes on to explain about his desk and ergonomic leather chair which is highly customisable.

His system specs include an Intel i5 processor, a GeForce GTX 560 which allows him to support all of those monitors, 16GB of RAM and just a 240gb hard drive, though it is a solid state variety.
He then discussed his earlier grind-station which was just a three monitor setup. It was certainly enough to enable him to earn supernova status at the site for the first time. He is now in the PokerStars VIP Club Hall of Fame, due to him accruing more than five million VPP’s to date.
Why not take a look at it for yourself below:

It will be interesting to see what other players rigs look like in comparison, with the most ardent grinders around being almost as proud of their setups as they are with their weekly profits in many cases.
These rigs will usually be utilised by the very best players in the world, so those of us that still use just one monitor and can play a maximum of two or three tables at a time do not need to feel too envious.

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