World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Day 1c – Touil Top

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The third and final flight of Day 1 at the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker was completed a few hours ago, with another 328 players attempting to do enough to make it through into Day 2. Only 135 players could do that though, which meant that there is now a total of 270 players are safely through from Day 1.

Fabrice Touil finished the day with the biggest stack, though only just as his 272,400 was not too far ahead of the 269,000 that Ryan Goindoo had amassed.

Amongst the notables to progress on Day 1c were Ryan Reiss, Brian Yoon, David Sands, Paul Volpe, Dan O’Brien, Andy Frankenberger and Allen Cunningham, with many of them achieving it after firing a number of bullets at this event so far.

Many of these players are already looking to what a result here could do for the various player of the year races going on, with there being just four months of the year remaining.


Although many players fell on the third flight of the opening day, they do still have one final chance to re-enter before the start of Day 2 if they so wish. Many of them already have tweeted that they will be doing just that.



Day 2 starts up at 1pm PT later today and will see the prize pool officially announced and the players to have to do their very best at advancing into Day 3.

The Top Ten From Day 1c

1st) Fabrice Touil – 272,400

2nd) Ryan Goindoo – 269,000

3rd) David Tuchman – 190,400

4th) David Daneshgar – 178,500

5th) Steven Kelly – 176,800

6th) Tyler Hemme – 170,500

7th) Mark Makaryan – 166,500

8th) Kijoon Nam – 165,500

9th) Scotty Nguyen – 159,400

10th) Ryan Riess – 149,100


Fabrice Touil stole the show again. Touil takes it in his home town wow what an incredible match. Also, Ryan Goindoo, who  stacked 269,000 wow what good plays.  Fabrice Touil took the win though stacked up 272,400 great great match.