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World Poker Tour Season XI – LA – Day 1

shutterstock_103347836The World Poker Tour in LA has wrapped up Day 1 with 120 eliminations leaving 375 to take it to the level.

Hachem was missing from the ANZPT Main Event, currently running a month long event on the West coast of Oz, pulling in the crowds to Perth. However, we’ve found him in lurking on the tables in LA at the WPT Season XI L.A. Poker Classic Event.

The dealers shuffled as 505 registers sat down to begin their quest for the prestigious title. All eyes were Hachem as he battled his way into a good position ending his Day 1 in 4th place with 116,700 with the blind currently on level 7 200/500.

Top 9: Day 1 EPT LA:

1st Kamaleddin Abdolrahimi 140,000

2nd Wartan Jalnakrian 131,075

3rd Joel Micka 121,900

4th Joe Hachem 116,700

5th David Peters 113,300

6th Michael DiVita 110,750

7th Maria Ho 96,725

8th Scott Seiver 94,000

9th Ryan Eriquezzo 89,700


The event buy-in came in at $10,000 ($9,600 + $400) with 505 entrants and we are expecting the final table to be by Day 5 and settled on Day 6. So far the prize pool hasn’t been officially announced.

Hachem is part of the WPT Champion’s club and he is joined in Day 1’s top 9 by another member of the Champion’s Club, Scott Seiver. He picked up a 94,000 chip pot around an hour before the end of the day. On level 6 of the blinds at 200/400 Seiver raised it up pre-flop from middle position making it 1,500 to go. Keith Lehr took position calling on the button followed by another limp into the pot behind him.

It was 3-handed into the flop, which was full of possibilities when the dealer eventually pulled out Ac-Ad-Kc to get the hand going. All three players seemed to be holding back checking around to the turn, which revealed 6c keeping the straight draw possibilities at bay, but at the same time screaming out flush Vs possible trips or full house.

With the turn look dangerous both early and middle positions checked giving Lehr the opportunity to start the aggression and pump in 2,000. Surprisingly, early position calls the bet. As the hand seem too hot to handle with all kinds of prospective hands out there it was expected that Seiver would just step aside, but the pot just grew larger as he check-raised making it 7,000 to play. Both challengers folded and Seiver flipped over Ah-As with quads.

It wasn’t all good news as Jonathan Duhamel crashed out tweeting “It was a questionable move” implying that the player should have folded to the pressure Duhamel was putting on him.

As things stands the registration is still open until the beginning of Day 2, which is why we saw Phil Helmuth walk into this event 1 hour before the end of Day 1, it will be interesting to he climbs the ranks as finished Day 1 with 30,000 chips for his short spell so far.

Tomorrow is a new day, the 505 entrants count so far could rise and as registration closes the prize pool will be announced.



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